Caught naked

I thought i was home alone
My mom worked till 4 and Dad drives Truck and is always gone.
I go get in shower and when i get out I forgot my clean clothes in my room
No big deal I finished drying and head to my room but naked
I walk out through the living room and see Dad sitting on couch.
I let out a yelp and run to my room.
It was so embarrassing

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  • Be careful
    My dad use to play games with me.
    But mostly he made me suck him off.

  • Dream on artard The only thing you should suck on is the tailpipe of a running car.

  • It was nothing leave it at that.

  • My dad messed with me all the time when i was younger no big deal happened to alot of people.
    Don’t have to be a victim. Dad didn’t hurt me. It was a experience. The biggest thing was keeping it a secret from mom.
    I was so worried we would get caught.
    It was like dad was having a affair with me looking back.
    The last time we messed around was less than a year ago. We really have not stoped.
    Its just I’m married now and dad and I rarely get any alone time. Last time we almost got caught because we were in basement and everyone was in same house.
    Really if you keep it just between you and him its just s** no different then masturbating. No different just with a partner.
    And everyone plays with themselves.

  • Shut theFUCKup incest lover that was the fakestSHIT I heard in a long time. S EX is different then masturbating idiot. Masturbating is something you do to yourself and S EX is between two or more people A$$wipe

  • Sounds like your mad i have s** with myself all the time.
    Maybe your daughter wouldn’t let you.

  • God this must be the stupidest person in the world. Perhaps we should shoot him.

  • Imagine getting so upset because your a dumb c*** that can't even properly space his words

  • Are you that stupid! Really I mean wow. He does that so the words don't get censored idiot. Watch and learn.
    You are a dumbFUCK see all the words idiot.
    You are a dumb f*** do you see all the words idiot.
    And I believe you play with yourself all time. Thats because no one will play with you! Not even the poor dog.

  • I walked around nude in front of my boys all the time

  • Would love to see

  • Love to see what? Is it a he or she maybe a he-she. 600 pounder walking around nude.

  • Fat girls need lovin too

  • Yeh and mopeds need riding too. But you hate to be seen on both of them.

  • Something like the village moped.....everyone rides it?

  • Big deal you got caught naked. How about now lying and telling us how you ended up in bed with daddy.

  • That would make for a good story thanks for the idea ;3

  • Don't worry about it. You are not the first and you certainly will be the last to do this

  • What's the big deal about your dad seeing you naked, family nudity isn't new
    our family is often naked its up to us as long as its only family in fact its encouraged it only goes as far as grandparents on both sides I've seen my with a hard c*** more times than I can remember, I've even walked in on them having s**

  • I am 42 but always wanted my dad to f*** me he is hung well I remember the sauna and his c*** looked so nice seem to be semi hard most of the time.

  • Tell me, why were you naked in a sauna with your dad? seems pretty f****** strange to me

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