Hello my dad has anger issues and about 9 months ago or so he got mad at me for touching his axe so as i was cleaning my room my dad knocked on my window and grabbed by the neck and chocked me till i couldnt breath and passed out for a sec then wen i regained conciousness he pulled me out of my window to my feet and pushed me as hard as he could inside my window and my head almost broke the window then about a couple of months later he got mad becuase i tried to fart in a candle and i set it beside him he came into the living room and chocked me like bartsimpsons dad does and my mom just stood there and watched and my dad still choking me put his foot on my b**** and kicked and kicked now i dont think i can have kids im fearing for my life becuase one day my dad lookes me straight in the eyes and said actup again ur dead does anyone have any advice or a free room in ur house i can live in im tired of him and i wanna leave

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  • if you're a child call child protective services if you're an adult move out and if he touches you again call the police. take pictures of any bruises or injuries.

  • Child. Defect or relatives

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