My secrets

Summer in 1976
I was a 9 year old boy we were at a campground.i was playing hide and seek.
I was grabed out of nowhere caried to this camper. It was completely dark and this guy pulled my shorts down bent me over andstuck his d*** between my legs. And humped me till he came.
I remember just being scared and quiet because he told me too. He wiped me off yank my shorts up told me it was our secret and took me back and left.
I never said nothing and went on playing tht night.
I was embarrassed and was more afraid if anyone knowing.
It happened again the next night.
He told me not to tell anyone and that i was to come back next weekend.
I did.
I snuck away to his trailer.
I was afraid somehow he would tell on me. Thats just the way my mind worked.
I did what ever he wanted that summer and know one knew.
I was still scared the next year aftraid someone would know.
But he never came back after that year.
I found out a few years later he was in jail.

Jul 13, 2020

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