These idiots at work

I was 22 and these morons were 19 and 20. They thought it would be fun to harass me. I was accosted by one idiot and after the encounter, I went to HR. The HR head asked me in their presence if I wanted him to fire them. I suggested he warn them to quit bothering people or get fired. To let it go this time.

I was again accosted out in the parking lot and this time they got terminated. They tried to protest that it was not on company property but they were reminded that they could be terminated for no reason at all as Georgia is an at-will state.

It was their fault. I have no compassion for them. They were told that if they ever were seen in the vicinity they would have the police called on them.

One of the punks father worked there but even he couldn't get them their jobs back.

Jul 25, 2020

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