Hubby wanted a show but I enjoyed it

So I was telling my husband about a time in college when I went with a group of girlfriends to a chip-n-dale event as a club. That conversation went like:

ME: "You're not suppose to touch the strippers, but that does not stop them from touching you."
HIM: "Really. Where'd their hands go?"
ME: "Up my shirt and rubbing my thighs."
HIM: "Well, bummer I was not around then to watch that."
ME: "Perhaps an encore some day for you."

Just let that there for a while, and never thought much of it. But one night my husband and I were out grabbing a drink, and there was a guy with his friends that I was super attracted to. I told my hubby, "Hang tight here for a minute."

I went over to the gentleman and asked if I could have a dance. He of course obliged. Out on the floor, I danced with him super close. I took his hand and ran it up along my shirt. I am pretty small chested, so I usually go out without any sort of bra. So I let his fingers feel my hard nipple through my top. I then turned around and put his hands one my stomach and pulled the extra shirt over top of them. He followed the queue.

I looked over at my husband, who was staring and me with a grin from ear to ear. My friend has his hand up my shirt giving my breast a lovely run down.

I was now h**** (and wet) as f***, and this guy was looking hotter than ever. I took his hand out gently, gave him a soft kiss, and sat back down with my husband.

I asked him if he had enjoyed, and then went like this:
HIM: "Oh yeah. Loved the look on your face as he rubbed your chest."
ME: "It was nice."
HIM: "Thought you might let him go a bit further."
ME: "Oh my body wanted it."
HIM: "Next time."

So perhaps another story coming in the future ;)

Aug 9, 2020

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  • I would love it if my wife did this!

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