Fit 2 Fat

I used to be fit in college. Worked out everyday. I’m 6’3” and weighed 170lbs. In the last 10 years, I’ve put on over 200lbs weighing close to 400lbs. Having a desk job and working late nights has made me balloon. It’s hard to find clothes that cover my belly. It usually hangs out of my shirts. The strange thing is that I’m not really embarrassed about it even though i feel like i should be. I eat a lot and I love the feeling of being full. I guess I’m just trying to say I like being a fat guy.

Aug 18, 2020

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  • You reach 500lbs yet?

  • I can relate .I've gained 154 lbs in 4 years after changing over to an administrative career where I can work from home and my wife discovering an interest in feedism. It feels good to have such variety of food,eat whenever and not have the hassel of working out

  • Ever run into your old gym buddies? Man they must have a good laugh at your fat ass

  • Still ballooning up? Still liking it? I’ve topped 300 now and I’m feeling really satisfied myself.

  • Yes love being fat and growing fatter.

  • Good for you! Gained any more? I work from home so there’s no end to snacks.

  • How much do you weigh now?

  • Would you be able to share some pictures of yourself? I'd love to see how huge your gut is!

  • How much do you weigh now? Still enjoying gaining? How big around is your gut?

  • About 450. Gut is almost 100”. Yes loving every second of being a big fat pig

  • Damn, you're huge! You going to try for 500lbs?

  • Yeah i love the feeling of all this weight

  • Any updates on your weight?

  • Have you passed 400lbs?

  • I’m 430lbs and growing

  • Do you plan on getting bigger since you enjoy it so much? Any weight that you'd like to be a sort of goal?

  • I haven’t stopped eating and never thought I would be this fat. I don’t have any goals but I’m sure I’ll get fatter. Having a big belly to rub and play with is so much fun

  • Got any tips for gaining? I'd love to let loose and just enjoy eating whatever I want

  • Good for you dude! There's no need to be embarassed. I quit the gym a few years ago when I got bored of working out all the time. Best decision of my life. Of course I put on a good 100lbs myself and am very out of shape now. But I wouldn't go back, got too used to the good life.

  • Yeah i love to eat whatever I want and eat as much as I want without worrying about calories. I think I’m way too fat to turn back now.

  • Same, man! Best part! I overeat so much now that i don't have to care. Never knew how good it feels to be completely full. It's just so liberating. Why would you want to turn back?

  • You still gaining as well? What do you weigh now? Still liking it?

  • Nah I don’t want to turn back at all. I’ll get pressure from family and my doctor to lose weight but I like the way I look and feel. I don’t like feeling hungry so I’m always eating and clearly always getting bigger. Also, I can’t get hard unless I’m completely stuffed, but I can barely reach to pee let alone j*** it

  • Lol, that's just how it is when you are living the life! I used to have a nice sized d***, but it's been getting swallowed up by fat, so I'm starting to know what you are talking about.
    And yeah, when I'm so full it hurts and I can barely move I also get hard haha

  • Is there anything really surprising to you about getting this fat? I think mine would be the confidence I have and also I rarely ever get teased.

  • For one thing, I'm a lot gassier than I used to be when I was fit. I think it's my eating habits that causes it. I eat a lot of junk food. Guess I always thought that it was just a stereotype that fat guys fart more.
    It's not unexpected, but it still surprises me every once in a while how unfit I am now. Like I have to take a little break when climbing stairs or how I get tired iof I have to stand for too long.
    But maybe the biggest thing is how much I don't care about being fat and still getting fatter. Couple days ago one of my shirt buttons popped while I was having lunch, but I was like whatever. (It was McDonald's btw haha)

  • Yeah I fart all day and all night. I can’t hold it in. I just fart wherever I am and I’m fine with it. Makes room for more food. Walking up stairs is not my favorite. I’m out of breath and sweating even just one flight. I was just in target and my belly feels so tight. I felt down and my belly is fully exposed. I was waddling all over the store. It was really tough to keep up with my friends. I think I need a scooter soon.

  • Yeah, haha. Mid-meal farts really do help, though I try to be careful with them when I'm not at home. Quiet burps and farts are very frequent nontheless. When you accidentally end up overly stuffed you wanna help yourself anyway you can.
    I would never wanna need a scooter though.

  • I think I could get you to fart If we were both eating together. You don’t want to get too fat then? I just want to completely wreck my body with fat

  • Well you wouldn't have to try too hard haha. I'm constantly bloated nowadays. But yeah, when I'm really stuffed I can't really hold them back. Not that I want to, when all that unwanted gas finally erupts from me it's always a relief.
    What is too fat anyway? I'm really enjoying this right now. Eating all I want, and feeling heavy, so I think I'm gonna keep going too. As long as I can walk its good lol. I love this new lifestyle too much to stop

  • Yeah, having this big belly and man t*** is the sign that I don’t have control anymore. I’m addicted to eating everything I see. I can’t turn down food offered to me. I love being fat

  • How fat are those man t*** now? Still loving your fat body?

  • You should try to get to 400lbs, or maybe 500, if you feel like it. Enjoy your life, fat man!

  • How did you gain so much, aside from being sedentary?

  • You know how there are people who can eat and eat and never put on any weight? News flash, the opposite exists too.

  • Aren't you concerned about your health? The risks are not worth it.

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