My brother is an a hole

I was out drinking with my brother and his friends the other night, They snuck me into the bar and we went "Booze cruising" after, We stopped at a local swimming spot and I was shy about it but we all went skinny dipping, I hid in the bushes, Undressed and slipped ino the lake, His friends were all in and out of the water and obviously showing me their boners, I got pretty worked up and after sneaking back to the bushes and getting dressed we all sat on the beach and drank some more.
Me and one of his friends who I have had a crush on since 13 sneaked off to the car and started messing around, I was down to just my t-shirt, No bra and my thong, he sat me on the seat of the car and stood in front of me, Pulled his pants down and whipped out his weiner, I knew where things were headed but I didn't know what to do, My brother and two more of his friends were like 30 feet away on the beach and I could have gotten caught at any moment, He shook his weiner at me and I was like (Am I going to, should I, Shouldn't I) and then he put his hand on the back of my head and made the choice for me.
I started sucking and he pulled my shirt off, I was super scared of getting caught but kept going, He was playing with my b**** and pinching my nips and then he pushed me back on the seat, Pulled off my thong and I was shaking and scared and he started licking me and then I couldn't stop, He got on top and....It happened, he was in me, Oh s***. We were going and he said he was about to finish and then the other door opened above my head. I won't get into the details but I had s** with all three of them and my brother never said a word or told them to stop, I didn't want to but I didn't want to say no and they just took turns and put them in me and in my mouth at the same time, They were all over me and hands and weiners everywhere.
I don't know how long we were there but by the end I was so embarassed and so sore that I finally burst into tears, They took turns banging me, Sticking them in my mouth, Putting fingers in my butt and coming on me that I feel like a dirty w**** and I don't know what to do, My brother stood by and didn't say a word the whole time and even when I started to cry he didn't say anything, They drove me home and left and now I feel awful.

Aug 18, 2020

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  • Why blame your brother, he's not the one who had s** with you

  • Honey, don’t feel bad it’s not your fault. I had a similar situation happen to me when I was 15.

    I’m now 48 and I think about that night often. I felt the same as you but now I long for that feeling again. After 25 years of marriage I long for multiple c**** at one time.

    Don’t feel bad.

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