I'm a 24 year old virgin male, and am completely fine with it

I have been unable to establish any sort of relationship of any kind due to the way I was brought up. Often home schooled and unable to get along with neighborhood kids. High school was 3/4 male students and I had a very dark, insecure and abrasive personality due to the hostility I have received from adults in my childhood and other kids in middle school. I am now living alone as always, yet highly spiritual and obsessed with knowledge and wisdom. I am not quite "happy" with life but I am committed to finding my path and knowing what to do when I have my emotional breakdowns. I don't think I will ever be able to establish a relationship with a significant other but I certainly won't hate myself for it. I have encountered what we call "God" on numerous occasions. :)

Next Confession

I sniffed my stepmoms **

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  • Self-awareness is rare and I'm glad you have found it. Be open to testing the waters from time to time to discover if what you have learned is still true for you or, maybe, you have gained more experience and insight that could lead to new opportunities.

  • Looks like we have some unfortunate souls out there who think being a virgin is the worst thing in the world. I pity the three of you leaving these disgusting comments. This is why I don't often post anything online since you people have no sense of decency for others who have less fortunate outcomes. Pathetic.

  • Honey, if you want some practice let me know. I’m 48 and I love to teach young men how to treat a lady

  • No thank you. Being a male virgin is nothing to be ashamed of. I don't understand why the rest you as a society are so opinionated and disrespectful on these sort of topics. I treat women the way I think they are supposed to be treated; as human beings and not ** objects.

  • Yes I agree with you. Women do want to be treated as humans and not ** objects

    But we do enjoy a good spanking and a nice hard **

  • Don't make statements on behalf women. You are only a spokeswoman for yourself.

  • Loser

  • How am I a loser? What's the competition that everyone is hyped up about?

  • You aren't a loser in my opinion. A person is so much more, than a ** craved fiend.

    Good for you x

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