We were young and newlyweds s** was something exciting and Diane had gotten pregnant in our final moths in high school so we married soon after we graduated .
I got a job at a lumber yard and Diane found work as a nurses aid s** was still exciting and Diane was excited and daring willing to do almost anything that we wanted to do that sounded daring.
One night as we were f****** I said I want to watch you f*** another guy and she grunted OK and then she went wild underneath me .
Later as we laid there talking she asked if I was joking about the other guy and I was young and adventures to so I said would you if I asked and she said ugh huh if you want.
We had no idea about how to go about it so we decided it would be best f she let a guy pick her up in a bar and I would hide in the closet and watch.
There were several country bars in Vacaville where we lived at the time and we were both excited about this now so we drove around looking them over
We picked a steak house with a bar and live music for the spot and on the night we decided on her and I dressed up and went out for dinner and we waited until the band started playing then Diane went into the bar she was very into it now and she would call before they left to let me know and I could hide in the closet.
I watched her walk away and I sat there for awhile then I paid the bill and I looked into the bar and we had worried that she might get carded but she was on the dance floor with a guy .
I watched her dance several times and she had a drink in front of her so I went home to wait.
God I walked back and forth glancing at my watch waiting for the phone to ring I guess I thought they would decide quickly but it was almost an hour before s he called and she sounded slightly drunk but excited to.
I turned all the lights off except for the kitchen night light and looked out the window until I saw lights turn onto our block then I watched as they parked out front .
The guy got out and opened the car door for Diane and they stood there with her in his arms and kissed for a long time then they turned toward the house.
I was afraid that I would be caught so I hurried into the bedroom and we had a chair in there for me to sit on and bottles of water to the sliding door was open a couple inches and now I was positive he would notice and I was more concerned about him catching me than I was about having him s**** my wife.
I ears her laughter and his murmured voice and I sat there scared shitless as they cam into the bedroom where he turned Diane around and pulled him to her and they kissed again and Diane was standing on her tip toes with her arms around his neck . Then they came over to the bed and I saw he glance over at the closet and quickly look away as she began to undress and he was undressing also I noticed for the first time that he was probably somewhere in his 40s his sideburns were turning grey but his body was that of a hard working man as he pulled his socks off I saw his c*** all swollen up and Diane was pulling her blouse over her head now trying hard not to look at the closet.
I was deathly afraid that he would see me but he was concentrating on my wife as her b****** were bared and he laughed a lusty laugh and jumped up on the bed grabbing her and they wrestled around as he pulled her skirt up around her waist and she was laughing now to he wedged himself in between her thighs and they kissed again as Diane squirmed around pushing her pant's down then he rolled off her and helped her get her pant's off and moved back between her legs they kissed again and I could see Diane hand between them trying to guide his c*** into her then she gasped and arched her back as he entered her.
They began to f*** wildly now and it wasn't long before I heard Diane say I'm gonna c** I'm gonna c** then heh body jerked several times convulse as she grunted in release but the guy never slowed down as he was about to c** himself.
I watched them in a trance as they strained against each other in release and I was afraid they would hear me breathing to but after they relaxed they still laid there locked together with his c*** and talked until he got hard again then they f***** a long time before he came again.
After he left my legs were cramped from the position I had to sit in .
and that was the first time I ever f***** her with another mans c** in her.
Several more times we did this but as the kids grew up we decided to stop until they were grown and now we have been talking about it aging since our youngest daughter is going to college now.

Sep 1, 2020

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