Won a costume contest and still got a spanking

Looks like this won’t happen again this year, so I want to talk about it. I’m sophomore in college, staying in the dorm. I’ve always been fascinated by the Story of O. I’ve had a few good spankings, and I’ve even had another girl give me a bath, but there is one part of the movie I never was able to duplicate till last year. Near the end of the movie O goes to a party where she is the only one with no clothes on. I get weak in the knees every time I think about that. One of the bars in town had a “bare as you dare” costume contest last year. I called and asked how bare could I dare and they said all the way if you want. That was what I wanted to hear. I talked to my roomie and she agreed to go with me as part of the contest. We went to the temporary costume store, I was ready to spend some cash. I bought a vampire cape, black on the outside, red inside with laces around the neck. I also found a bird mask, not quit what O wore, but close enough. I bought a French made costume for my roomie. Really low cut in the front and short as they get. I got some funny looks at the pet store when I tried on dog collars and leashes, but I found on that fit and looked nice. When we got to the contest I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Roomie looked great she’s pretty chesty and was giving up great cleavage. Of course, all I had on was my cape, tied in the front, my bird mask, dog collar and red pumps. When I was called, she led me up front, arms at my side, she untied my cape and let it fall to the floor. The crowd went wild and I felt glorious. On the way home all she let me wear was a raincoat and nothing underneath. We showered together, she gave me a rather harsh spanking and we slept together.

Sep 2, 2020

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  • Some guy jerking his 1mm micro p**** wrote this

  • This never happened lol

  • So are going to let your father f*** you like the story of O?

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