Last summer I was 16 and we went to a very large amusement park, We had been at the wave pool and the surfing sim so I was wearing my bikini and had a pair of shorts over top, My cousin wanted to go on the rollercoaster so we watched a couple rides before she convinced me to go with her which was my second worst decision of the day. That's right second worst, We got in, Got strapped in and my mom and everyone else walked up, The ride was just starting to move and my mom was like "Mackenzie..." and waved my t-shirt, I sluffed it off not realizing what was going to happen.
I spent most of the ride slumped forward passed out from fear and woke up a couple times then screamed and passed back out according to my cousin who was on with me, I am 5 foot 3 inches and about 130 pounds and very...Top heavy and when the ride pulled in to the stop place I was passed out and didn't wake up until they lifted my head to lift the bar holding me in, I am surprised I didn't pee all over the seat because I was so F'ed up, I was shaking and couldn't talk, My bikini top was up around my neck and both of my b**** were right out and I didn't even have the mental capacity to cover them up or fix my top.
My mom, Brother, Two uncles, two aunts, One female cousin and two male cousins were all standing there and my aunt told my uncle to help me, Everyone else stood there with their backs to me, I could comprehend everything that was happeneing and seen one of my male cousins watching as he straightened out my top and grabbed a handful of one b***, tucked it in, Grabbed the other one and tucked it in then asked if I was ok, All I could do was grunt and nod my head, He helped me out of my seat and over to a bench where I sat shaking until I gathered myself and could stand up.
We went back to where we were staying and the parents were all in one room drinking and the littler kids were with them, Three of us older kids were in the room across the hall and we were just hanging out watching tv and whatever when my one male cousin a year older said "Sooo...." I said "Don't even" and he said "Seriously...Like..." I said "don't" and then my male cousin 6 months younger said "You have huge t***" and I said "Ugh...Don't be a pig" then the other one said "They are f***** awesome". I knew they were gonna ask to see them and I said "Do not ask" and then my older cousin got up and went to the bathroom.
He came back and said "Ok, What do I have to do to see your b**** again, I said "Not happeneing" and he pulled out $50, I was like "To see them?", He nodded and I said "In the bathroom" We left my other cousin on the bed and went to the bathroom, I said "3 minutes" and pulled my top up, After 3 minutes we came out and the two of them whispered back and forth and then they both got their wallets out and said "$300 to let us both j*** off on your b****", I said "F*** it...You have 5 minutes" and that was my worst descion of the day, I got topless and they both whipped them out, I let them feel and then my younger cousin leaned toward me and I didn't even think, I just started sucking him. For $300 I sucked both of my cousins and one came, I stood up and the other turned me around, bent me over the counter and f***** me while the younger one watched and then when he pulled out the younger one slid in.
They each f***** me twice and came both times so one got off three times and the other once, I laid on the floor and fingered myself until I got off and I don't know which one but one of them came on my feet. I was so embarrassed after but it was too late so I just sat there on the bed full of come and they kept pinching my nips and slipping their hands up the leg of my shorts and fingering me until we heard the door unlock and I quickly fixed my bra and they slid apart. Three days later I went home and they both text me all the time with d*** pics and make me send them nudes. I want to go back in time and not go on the roller coaster.


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  • I hate my cousins kid. I just hate that b****. she is so evil and I hope she fails and falls down. I just hate the way she put everyone through so much pain with her selfishness. her sexual prey kill mind set. I don't see its right for her to be out getting a man of 30 when she is only 16. Its just not right when others are missing out and she has nothing to offer a man, a real man. so she wonders why they broke up. she raped him as a matter of fact. she was very violent towards girls at high school to get the top men on the school yard as well. like mother and grandmother. sometimes you just like to see them fall down. stop making others hurt and why don't you go hurt yourself more.

  • She is such a spoiled little brat of a w****. I hate her and I feel only a mild about bad about that. given all I have missed out on. why should a little punk w**** get a man over me as a grown woman who has waited in faith with the lord. why should I wait for money when she gets it and it will serve her no good either. she will end up a drunk homeless bum partying and dugin around and fat and 4 x pregnant by 20. it has to happen because that is her mother and fathers story and her grandfather was a jail bird who molested me. so it has to happen. it just has to. my aunty has to end up a drummed out w**** drunk. it has to happen. she will end up in a brawling fight with other women over men. it just has to happen. so will all those daughters of entitled karens. what a selfish old fat cow entitled karen really is. what a liar witch too! god should have no mercy on them for what they took from me. I wish I had been more smart and cunning like them. but I never had that sexual beauty ready to f*** at the smell of a rag like they do. one day you are really all gonna get caught with your pants down!

    you are all a bad case of a poacshers pookers circus that flies too high runs too fast and you got no class!

    it all will come down on you!

    would you believe I wanted to be somebody with a job and a nice marriage and career and education to be proud of and look what you did to me you dirty faggots.
    I was gonna be a someone but you wrecked it all on me by molesting and abusing me poachey faggots!

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