My best friends Mom

With the CoViD situation my parents and I decided it would be best for me to stay home this year and attend the local community college instead of moving back to the college I attended last year which is like 600 miles away.

My BF who just graduated from HS decided he wanted to go off to college and he asked if I could help him and his mom move him to the dorm. His mom told me we we were going to take our time so I said sure. We left on Thursday and planned to be back on Sunday. I figured we were going to take our time driving up there and back and the. Spend some time in Lubbock

Well the trip was not what I expected. We actually drove all the way to Lubbock on Thursday. We stayed in a hotel room with two beds (which was a little weird) and moved him in the next morning. We ate lunch together then left. His mom started to get a little weird. She got flirtatious and said she wanted to take a road trip to Colorado. I said Ok. ( what could I say. I had no other way to get home). We drove to Colorado and spent the weekend in a really nice hotel. She bought all sorts of dabs and stuff that is legal there but not elsewhere.

We did so much stuff and f***** all weekend it was wild. We didn’t leave Colorado till Tuesday

On the way home we took turns driving. When I drove she had me drop my shorts so she could give a BJ or handjob every once in a while.

I always thought she was young and hot. She said she was 16 when she gave birth to my friend. She said she never was able to get crazy and wild. She said she would always m********* when I spent the night and that this weekend was a dream come true.

I can’t believe I spent the weekend doing drugs with and f****** my BF mom. I also knew she looked young. I can’t believe she is 35. I’m 19 and I just spent last weekend pounding a 35 year old woman!

Sep 6, 2020

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  • This might be believable if you weren't making it a project to post story after story of your so called exploits.

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