Stop Having Babies You Selfish Idiots!

Why are people still willing to bring life into a world that is falling apart?

No you're child won't fix it. If you couldn't/didn't, what makes you think you can raise a child to do so?

No your offspring won't be the cure. No human in history has been the cure for the devestation caused by mankind. Most likely, your offspring may be the cause of much suffering.

No, they won't be able to make it all better. It's a dangerous and selfish dream, and simply wrong, especially when you consider the amount of responsibility you're already heaping on a fresh-out-the-womb being.

Sincerely, I hope people will start waking up and realising no generation has fixed a single thing; every generation has made matters worse. The pattern, in itself, is the truth.

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  • If you don't want children don't have any. If you want children, have them.

    That's all that is required.

  • OP you need to change your news source. The sky is not falling, the world is not ending or falling apart. Seriously, get a grip, get an non-communist education and live happy

  • This was written by a 10yo

  • Children?? They are trouble, don't have any

  • All my seven children, ages 30 thru 44 would disagree with you. So would the many grandchildren and the two great grandchildren. My wife was quite willing and able to enjoy ** til about a week before delivery. It was a major turn-on. That in itself is a great reason to have more kids!

    I also believe that having more children counters the evil, rotten people who have kids but raise them in hateful cultures and religious bigotry. If you want to improve your outlook and be a positive, happy person with a positive attitude we could adopt you. My 70 year old wife could re-raise you with the optimistic, action- oriented positivity my large brood of kids received. She still has a good left-hook too. It is cheaper than the counseling therapy you need.

  • Very well stated

  • It's so cute when some mentally ill person calls a realistic statement "negativity." No one in this day and age needs 7 kids, so either you don't know how a condom works or you very mistakenly think you're special somehow. Which is it?

  • Children are wealth,fear God only ,
    Be fruitful and multiply not fruity and blow a guy

  • Anybody with a newborn after December should be publicly stoned to death (no idiot, not the weed kind, DUH).

  • Sis your parents have any children that lived

    I bet they regret that

  • Shuuuuut the ** up you evolutionary dead end

  • Go tell this to your mom and dad first

  • Do you people EVER think before flapping your mouths? At least attempt to be original once in a while. The fact that you're either incapable of or scared of thinking plays nicely into your brainless need to breed like cockroaches

  • Already have

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