It’s more of a confession/seeking help & opinion post!

I cannot stop thinking about losing my virginity and it’s getting brutal. I wouldn’t want to just hookup, but I’m also NOT looking for a relationship. I feel I’m starting to create way to many expectations about what’s supposed to be like, or feel like or whatever... that I think it’s more than time to get it over with. Also, touching myself hasn’t been working for ages now.

I’m 27, never had a boyfriend. No, I’m not a prude, in fact I’m the total opposite, and no, I am NOT waiting for ‘the one’; but I did decide to focus on my studies over the years. I’m very a very social person but was very insecure about feeling or looking attractive. I’ve tried some dating apps so far and have quite the displeasing experiences, in one I was assaulted.

I have no experience with a guy whatsoever. I have no idea how to behave in a situation like that, I’d be looking at the person waiting to tell me what to do.

Dec 29, 2020

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  • Awe, I'd like to help u if I cud have get to, I don't want anyone to take advantage of u as u said u was assaulted once, b careful, if I was your friend and there with u and I know this about u, I'd do my best to b helpful with this and I think I'd b helpful enough, that's good that u been focusing on your studies, I don't want u loosing your virginity in a not so good way to not b the best, if u was to, I'd try to help make it as fine as I can if I had to find someone good enough for u. I see how u feel and I can imagine being like that too.

  • Just let your friend eating your p**** you'll feel better

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  • First of all, stop asking advices. Bcoz you know what's the best for you! if you need an advice now, believe me you will keep asking for advices throughout your life. So you are smart enough to know what to do. I see you feel desperate but you HAVE TO learn how to take yourself from bottom to top. Otherwise you cannot reach any of your goals (in general). I would advice you to buy a toy or etc but no, you are not desperate. Believe in yourself ;) you are strong enough.

    All the best !

  • I'd be happy to help with advice, though I'm not sure what your question is.

  • Find a friend first type of thing. Or maybe an understanding guy, be honest with him though. Tell him what things excite you and how you want it and get him to explain the same to you.

  • What do you want anyone to do about your situation?

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