On the AT with my bf's older brother

I graduated high school 2020. Covid canceled my summer lifeguard job. Tim (my bf’s brother) planned an AT 80 mile hike from Harrisburg to Allentown with his friends Memorial day weekend. Tim’s 8 years older, married with 2 kids and wife’s 4 months pregnant. Tim was in his parents garage getting stuff from storage for the hike. I love the outdoors and plan to major in Environmental Conservation. I was talking to Tim and he joked and said I could go if I could get Joseph (my bf) to go. We had a good laugh because Joseph and Tim and are opposites. Tim’s the oldest, former Marine loves the outdoors & muscular construction worker. Joseph is the youngest, hates the outdoors but loves gaming. I asked he’d already joined a VR tournament for the weekend. Tim said I should still go. His wife usually goes while the grandparents watch kids but this year she’s pregnant and not going. I could use her backpack & hammock tent. I had second thoughts then said he was bringing plenty of pot. I asked what supplies to get. I told dad I was staying with my bff all weekend.
Monday, Tim sent a dm. His friends canceled last minute. One guy got exposed at work to Covid and was quarantined. His other friend lives in another state and his work informed him if he traveled to PA he’d have to quarantine when he returned using his own vacation time or without pay. Tim asked if I still wanted to go. H*** YEAH! Wed we drove a car to Allentown then drove back to Harrisburg. We spend the night at a Hostel in Harrisburg then started on Thursday. The car ride back to Harrisburg got hot! We started talking about s**. He asked how people I’d been with and how often Joseph have s**. I blushed and told him I’ve been with 2 guys and 1 girl and only had s** with Joseph 3 times. The last time was 4 months ago. He told me his marriage is ‘open’ but due to the pandemic, he’s stopped using a hookup app and it’d been 2 months for him. He asked if was interested in a casual hookup. I’d love to hookup but I’m not on bc. We stopped at CVS and got a box of 12 condoms. The Hostel had two bunk beds so we put the mattresses on the floor, had s**. He has the largest I’d ever been with and amazing! He pounded me into my first o*****! I was so embarrassed afterward because it was super intense too. The AT was busy but we found secluded places to have s** along the way. The trip was amazing! We used all 12 condoms. S** with Tim is totally insane! We’re secretly casually hooking up and plan to continue.

Sep 6, 2020

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  • Nice! Tell your bf you want an open relationship!

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