I lost my family and chose my wife

When I was 22 my mother's best friend, Susan divorced. My Mother and Susan had been friends for quite some years and I had known Susan and her husband since I was a child. I had always felt a deep attraction towards Susan and when she divorced I did feel happy that this had happened, even though I knew it was a sad thing. For the next 2 years I observed from a distance and through my Mother talking about Susan how unhappy Susan was and how she was finding it so difficult to meet a nice man who was genuine and wanting to establish permanent relations and marriage. I would hear my Mother say that when a woman turns 50 which Susan had done by then its almost impossible for a woman to find a suitable partner. It was at that point that I took it upon myself to ring Susan and ask her if she wanted to go and see a new movie that had just been released,by this time I was 24. She said that she would love to see that movie and was happy that i had asked her. I picked her up and we went to see the movie. After the movie I asked if she wanted stop at the coffee shop for a coffee and a chat. Over coffee we talked for ages about all sorts of things. I then asked her if she wanted to repeat our outing and go out and catch another movie again. She accepted and we repeated these movie nights a few more times to the point where she asked me, " Mark, these are dates we are having, aren't they and you are interested in me as a woman" ? I told her that I had such tender, loving and beautiful feelings towards her. She then said, Oh Mark I also have these feelings for you but I am just so much older than you are and this is not right. We talked for ages about the age difference between us but we decided that age ultimately should not stop us from pursuing our feelings. As the months went by we found ourselves falling very deeply in love with each other. Everything between was so good, so wonderful and so perfect. She confided in me that she had never known such a deep love and feelings of security and total happiness with a man. It was shortly after this that I proposed to Susan to which she accepted. So at 25 I married this magnificent Lady I had always loved, she was at that point 51. We have now been happily married for 23 years and we are so happy that did not let our age difference stop us from dating. She is part of me and we have such a happy and wonderful life together and she is and has always been a passionate, loving and sexual wife.

Sep 30, 2020

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  • Thats lovely story . i also fell in love with a older woman my mother in law . . my wife cheated on me but honest we wete very young . and jean her mom was there for me . we did become close and we had a child together and we married last year she now pregnant again and we very happy

  • Thank you for sharing your happy story.
    Sadly, too many people get married for the wrong reasons.

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