A lot of confusion

I’m a bisexual man, 23, and I’ve been married to my wife for a little over a year and we have a 1 year old daughter. I’ve always been super comfortable and even confident with my body and who I am, but something has been really bothering me the last month or so. Something I haven’t really been able to figure out until this morning.
Over the last almost 5 years with my wife, I’ve had less and less interest in having s** with her, but not because I don’t enjoy her body, I f****** LOVE her body. This morning I finally figured out that it’s MY body that I don’t like having s** with. Notably, my d***. I very much prefer pleasuring her with my hands or with her toys, but actually using myself has started feeling awkward. I only have actual s** with her because she begs me to.

Oct 10, 2020

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  • Have a discreet boyfriend on the side.

  • Bring in another bi male for you both to have

  • Ask your wife to tease, massage and suck on your nips for a change while she strokes your c*** to e**********. This trick might work on you!

  • I'm confused too. 7 months ago, I started letting my 16 year old neighbor f*** my ass and mouth and c** in me. I'm a 30 year old guy, and never even touch another man c***. I only had s** with one woman in my life when I was 20.

    His mom asked if he could stay over at night as she is a nurse. A week after he started staying he just started walking around nude, with a hard c*** it over 9 inches. I tried to stop him but he kept grabbing me and kissing me,

    He so beautiful, I just melted in his strong arms, and soon I was naked in my bed and he took my ass. It was agony at first, but at the end I was begging him to f*** me harder. That night I swallowed c** for the first time and I became only his.

    I'm a total bottom for him. My ass. My mouth what ever he wants. I live now to be his b**** and take his c**.

    I'm completely in love with him, and I do everything I can sexually to keep him. If I let him f*** me enough he will stay with me forever.

    If he leaves me I'll die.

  • Once a guy takes c*** in the ass, he a f** for life. I turned at least 20 older guy into a*** b****** since I was 15, five years ago. They turn so easy when a hot muscle guy seduces them. None have ever resisted as I pull their pants down lube them and f*** them bareback.

    They become obsessed with c*** and do any disgusting and pervert thing I ask. After a few months before I dump them I have gotten everyone to let my dog f*** them as they blow me. So f****** hot degrading them like that, make me c** so hard.

  • He lucky af to have a sexy lil b**** like u

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