I have a problem where I mumble evil thoughts out loud. It's 😳 really f***** up I try not to think these evil thoughts and I end up unconsciously saying fkd up thoughts out loud. It's so messed up I don't know what to do..

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  • It's either OCD or stress and anxiety. I think we've all had periods of blurting out what we shouldn't. I once muttered, to a hot-bodied bartender friend whom I'd known for years, that I'd "f** the h*** out of (her name) and those huge t***". It only went through my head, and I spoke it to myself, but, she did hear some of it. Turned around and asked "What?". My only answer was "I didn't say anything, (her name)". Just be careful when you think about whatever it is...And keep your mouth shut.

  • You have OCD. Go to a psychiatrist and medication will help you.

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