Spanked by my college aged daughter

I'm now an empty nester. The wife and I have had a pretty stale s** life for a few years now. This past winter i decided to do something about that and i had an affair. The affair was with a much younger woman. actually it was with a girl who was high school friends with my daughter. The two of them had drifted apart because my daughter went off to college while this irl, Keri, went to work in the community.

My daughter came home and learned about the affair. Probably she and her old high school mate wee hanging out and something was said. She approached me about it and I denied it. well not outright denied it but cast doubt about it and certainly didn't confirm it. This seemed to make her madder. she said she knew. She grabbed my phone, i didn't have a lock code, so she opened it and pulled up messages. She chastized me for cheating on my wife and her mom. Finally she said for acting like this you are getting an good old fashioned spanking. This was a line i had used with her when she was growing up and had seriously violated the rules. She looked at me and said go get the paddle. I didn't move. she said or i could just give your phone to mom.
I said yo wouldn't. she pointed and said go get the paddle.
Moments later i returned feeling pretty stupid with the paddle in my hands. she said give it to me so I reached it to her. she said you know the routine get a dining chair set it in the middle of the floor then drop your pants and bend over the back of it and grip the seat. I just looked at her and she bellowed NOW. I did as she demanded. Bent over the chair I heard her walk up behind me but i was not prepared when she immediately swung the paddle with both hands and crashed it against my butt. She continued her assault on my ass with 19 more hard strikes before pausing. Tears stung my eyes. she said don't move i'm just catching my breath. then she let loose another barrage on my ass that left me bawling. She demanded have you learned your lesson to which I replied in a squeaky voice that I didn't ever recognize, yes. To that she said well i don't think you have. She rained down another barrage on my now bruised ass. In the end she had given me 100 licks. she then lectured me that if i even so much as though about cheating again I'd think this whippin was child's play. I haven't cheated again.

Oct 25, 2020

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  • Sure. Sexy dream. Affair with younger girl. Paddling. and whats more being paddled by daughter. Post on confession post. Such a nice fantasy.

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