How Circumcision Has Effected Me

I saw a post on here from today made by a nurse that inspired this.

When I was a baby I was circumcised like all boys 20 years ago were. My father is the kind of person that is honest and will never beat around the bush, but seeing me get circumcised is the one thing that he refuses to talk about.

When the nurse handed me back to my mom I was screaming at the top of my lungs and she said that it’s normal for me to cry for a few hours. She also said that they didn’t do it right so now the p**** looks weird flaccid.

Extream pain in infancy effects someone when they get older. I had severe meternal separation anxiety and delinquency in my early teens. I almost went to juvenile detention but the detective was a dumb ass and our lawyer was great.

When circumcision happens to females, it’s outlawed. When it’s done to boys, it’s encouraged. Baby boys die from it and it’s swept under the rug.

Oct 26, 2020

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  • You could say the same about girls.

  • By which I meant I agree that all Circumcisions should be outlawed if you're going to outlaw it for girls. Ignore the sick people in the comments.

  • I don't know if circumcision had anything to do with it or not, but something certainly messed up your grammar. Should be "Affected," not "Effected."

  • I hate my parents for cutting me. I get mad when I am driving sometimes and yell as if I am arguing with her. I really want to punch her in the face.

  • Don't blaim them, they didn't know. We're lied to.

  • There is no good reason for circumcision

  • So infant circumcision causes delinquency. It wasn't your fault. You had no choice. You couldn't help making bad decisions when you were a teen because you didn't have a foreskin. Gimme a break!

  • I’m the only person responsible for my own actions but it was possibly a causation

  • If it caused, then you're not wholly responsible. If you're responsible for you own actions, then it didn't cause it. You don't remember being circumcised, and wouldn't know anything about it if your father hadn't told you.

  • Don't let the trolls make you feel bad. You have every right to be unhappy that a permant cosmetic surgery was forced on you, regardless of how it affected you. Your parents probably trusted their doctor and thought they were doing what was best for you. Finding out you unintentionally hurt your child, and by extention, your parents unintentionally hurt you is something too hard for most people to accept. Hopefully, your dad can come around to discussing it eventually so try to have patience. If you haven't already, there are lots of social media groups, like Bloodstained Men, Saving Our Sons, Doctors Opposing Circumcision, you can join for support. You might also look into restoring methods and a company called Foregen.

  • Please correct your heading: How Circumcision Has Affected Me

  • Mutilation for what? I'm against it. None of the old wives tales ever happened to me and have found more than one female happy about it.
    A hate piercings also.

  • I'm not circumcised, having a foreskin is so much better sexuality.

  • How do you know? You've only ever been uncircumcised. You've never been circumcised, so you have nothing to compare it to, only what other people have said. There's disagreement among people who have been both.

  • There are multiple studies showing that uncut men are better lovers and have more sensation. The foreskin is a major part of what makes s** good

  • I was circumsised too. Maybe that is why I am here.

  • No, you where here first read this bull$hit then decided to make up a story too much like 90% of the posts here. Strange how all Peados, incest, imaginary step daughters and animal f****** just happen to be here and have something to confession

  • So you acted like an idiot as a teenager due to circumcision? Good to know. What else can you blame on it?

  • At various times since the middle of the last century, it's been blamed on comic books, television, movies, the wrong toys, not enough toys, too many toys, toy guns, guns on tv and in movies, real guns, not going to school, going to school, going to the wrong school, spanking, the absence of spanking, school paddling, no school paddling, the police, too few police, strict parenting, permissive parenting, no parenting, and just about everything but the kitchen sink. Blaming it on circumcision is really no surprise if you've been around any length of time.

  • The delinquency could have been attributed to something else, but there is a parallel. Look into it

  • There is also a parallel between kids being raised in bubble wrap and blaming everything on their past for their idiotic self-centered behavior today. Look into it

  • Strange how did you know what was said when you where just born, I can see holes in this

  • My mom told me

  • And you took it and used it as an excuse to play victim, just like the rest of your little classmates. Die in a school shooting

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