Anyone else enabled a partner to get fat?

I married a big girl. After 5 years of marriage she became very ill and it took months of various treatments cure her. In this time she lost a lot of weight & looked terrible. So after almost loosing her & being supportive through her treatment I would do anything to help her. She had said she needed to put some weight back, she didn't like her saggy skin.
So I was doing shopping for her, cooking etc... as she got her strength back. She was putting on some weight, she was getting her strength back, but i was still doing a lot for her, I enjoyed it, she appreciated & even more in love with than ever.
I was buying snacks, stocking the pantry with anything she desired, we were now sharing the cooking. Anytime I went to the kitchen I'd ask if she wanted anything & get it. She gained more weight getting back to her original size. I kept getting whatever she wanted, she started eating more, putting on more weight. I didn't mind, I liked her big.
Well, she got bigger & bigger, I was so used to enabling her eating & she just lapped it up, only a couple of times, mentioning how big she was getting, but by the next day, she'd be back to eating & I couldn't say anything, I didn't want upset her & to be honest I liked the bigger her.
Now, she's even bigger, her last check up with her specialist she got the all clear again, but she weighs 243kg (over 500lbs). So as I've seen on shows like 600lb life, I have enabled her to become this fat & yet I am struggling to stop enabling her & she has told me she happy & doesn't care how big she gets.
Anyone been in this situation?



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  • I'm a big gay woman that has a fat fetish. I was enabling my big partner to get very fat, until it started to affect her health at 410. So I helped her loose some weight, now shes 360 & her health is good, even though I still wanted her hugely fat.
    Then my fat sister (my mother is a very big woman too) ended up in divorce as she had gained weight & her hubby had an affair. I let her move with us. She was 340 & I discovered what a glutton she could be, discussed with my girlfriend about fattening my sister, we agreed. We both enabled my sisters gluttony, my girlfriend assisting while I was at work & my sister gained more weight. My girlfriend admitted she loved fattening my sister & we again agreed that she would pleasure my growing sister.
    My sister after 3years had ballooned to 440 & we were now weighing her regularly, encouraging her to gain, pleasuring her, feeding her & she went with it.
    She last weighed 560 but that was 18months ago & the scales would not go any higher. She has done nothing but gain weight since, now our feedee to keep fattening. My girlfriend looks after her while I'm at work, helping out of bed, shower, get dressed & feed her. She is really struggling with mobility & we can't wait till she looses her mobility & then fatten her even more. I can't help myself, l am an evil feeder, it turns me on so much seeing how fat she is, this hugely fat woman that is still being a gluttonous pig, stuffing herself.
    Just watching all her fat jiggle as she eats, huge wobbly upper arms, her belly laying between her dimpled, spread thighs to accomodate her growing belly, fat filled b****** resting either side of her belly. It all makes us both want to add more fat to her.

  • How big is your mother, how much does she weigh?

  • I think i got this fetish from my mother, she has always been a big woman & gotten bigger over the yrs. She always kept us girls well fed & never once said anything about our weight. Last time they visited us she pretty much praised me for looking after my sister & how big she has gotten. Mom didn't know what she weighed but we weighed her, she is 538, the biggest ive ever seen her.

  • I have enabled my wife to get very fat. I met her at a very dull party & we just hit it off, she might have been 240-260 then. We dated & my first sexual experience with a fatty was amazing. I'd noticed sometimes out to dinner she could pack away the meal, never left overs. One night we were both drunk she asked if she was too fat, l told her no, admitting i liked her big. It was then i thought about her bigger.
    I'd take her to dinner twice a week, do a picnic every second weekend, eventually i noticed her clothes getting tighter or she would have new clothes. We moved in together, i made sure she had snacks, chocolate etc on hand, buy takeaway one night a week, go to dinner another night. She never once complained & was 330 on our wedding day.
    We've been together 14 years now & took her for a check up a month ago, she got a talking too by our doctor about her weight, although she's not diabetic, her cholesterol is high, no wonder, she is 522lbs. But it hasn't stopped her still eating lots.

  • YES! My wife is a big glutton who just loves to eat and she can eat a lot. I cook lots of food for her, bring home large portions of take out, and make sure she has all the snacks she wants. She was about 235 when we got married. A few year later, she is now 383 pounds (as of 3 months ago). She knows she will get diabetes some day, if she doesn't have it already, but she doesn't care and won't go to a doctor. She just doesn't mind at all that she is getting huge. Just keeps porking out and just keeps getting sexier.

  • "Anyone been in this situation?" it asked oh so innocently, as if "herp derp me made partner fat hurrr" stories don't feature constantly on this site! What is it with a certain kind of moron that they think they can pull off acting clueless? Is that part of the sick fetish, or is it an indication of low intelligence?

  • I have to confess I have enabled my wife to get really fat. I like big women.
    Her mother is a very big lady, great cook & loves food. Like mother like daughter.
    She was 250 when we met, but told me that she was 350 when she was 22, because of he mothers cooking & her love of food, but dieting when she left home, but hated it.
    We moved in together & I started to spoil her, I enjoyed it, it gave me pleasure seeing her loving the attention. I could cook, but I got pointers & recipes from her mother. We got married 3 yrs later, my bride almost back to 350. Her mother even told me she looked much better at that weight & how happy she seemed.
    6yrs yrs of spoiling, her eating to hearts content, portion sizes getting bigger as she got bigger. Being a lady of leisure, me making sure she has everything she desires has resulted in her weighing in at 546lbs last week. She is hugely fat, massive belly, massive bottom, huge dimpled thighs that rub to her knees, big fat upper arms that hide her elbows & over full b******. She also loves it doggy style & turns into a huffing, puffing, sweat covered jiggling mass. She's amazing & not once complained about how fat she has gotten.

  • Yes. Married 15yrs, she was 175, now 410. I love her.

  • I starve my gf.

  • So you keep saying. Your right hand doesn't count as a gf, incel.

  • I've done it as well. My wife was around 200 when we met & started dating. I totally fell for her & loved spoiling her, she too loves good food. She gained weight with both pregnancies & never lost it & slowly gained more, but i wasn't spoiling her as much as we had kids to concentrate on. But when they moved out, i started spoiling her again & she loved it. She has more than doubled her weight now at 5'6" & 463lbs, although every now & then she's asked if she's gotten too big. I always give her a big hug, tell her i love her no matter how big she gets, an hour later she's eating again.

  • Yes, I've enabled my lovely wife to become very, very fat. (I love big girls) she's 5'4" and weighs 488 pounds as of last week. When we got married 6 years ago, she was fat, but relatively thin-about 190. She used to worry about getting fat, so she said, but never really made any serious attempts at weight loss, and would gladly eat whatever she wanted. She don't worry no more! I do all the cooking, and will make enough for 4 people. At first, it worked well, as we would have left overs the next night. Gradually, she started eating 2 servings worth. eventually, i would have my serving and she would finish the rest--all of it. Then she would have a big slice of cake and ice cream. Lately, she simply eats the 3 servings of dinner, a whole small tub of haagen daaz and about a quarter of a cake. Then she snacks on oreos all night while we watch TV. I have always made sure she has all the food she wants and buy lots of potato chips, oreos, and candy bars--her favorite things to eat during the day. Before I go to work, I go down to the corner and get her a half dozen fresh donuts for her to eat when she gets up. I make sure she doesn't have to work, and we have a cleaning lady, so she can just lie around the house and relax. She's happy and healthy, and has found a fat girlfriend that comes over and spends most days at our place visiting--and eating! I don't worry about it. Life's good. Her doctor's amazed she isn't diabetic yet (she's already 38) and says there's a good chance she will be some day unless she loses weight, but she don't seem to care, and so I don't either. Life's good. S** is great. What more can I want?

  • I've enabled my wife to get fat as well. She was close to 200 when we married & she always struggled to maintain her weight, dieting, loosing & gaining weight. She's a self confessed foodie. We our children left home I started pampering her, doing more around the house, buying treats, cooking more. She gained weight getting up to around 270.
    She has a fat friend she worked with that my wife told me was 340, they became good friends, working in plus size clothing & would meet for coffee, lunch on their days off. They started to meet & visit more when my wife left the job at my request & she started gaining more weight. I joined them a few times & noticed her friend encouraging her to have another cake, have dessert or when I came home, I'd find a few left over pasteries or chocolate, KFC. My wifes fat friend was enabling her.
    My wife got bigger & bigger, her friend was visiting more, they'd buy clothes online for my fatter wife. She became more dominate sexually towards me, flirting, hugging, more s**, pushing herself on me. She continued to gain weight. Then I came home one day to find bathroom scales, my wife threw a set out many years ago. I asked her about them & she said she'd put on a lots of weight & they were both curious as too how much she weighed. She said she'd gotten really fat & was 446lbs now & she liked it & asked if she was getting too fat for me. I liked it when she was around 300 & didn't think I'd like her much bigger, but I do, I love her big round hanging belly, her huge rear, how she wobbles & jiggles & she's only 5' 6". So I told her yes. It lit her face up with joy.
    That was about 2 months ago & her fat friend still visits, still brings her food, they go to lunch. She is definately enabling my wife still & it's turning me on, thinking that her fat friend is actually assisting my wife to gain even more weight & my wife isn't cutting back, she's actually eating more than ever. I can see she's going end up 500lbs or more.

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