Why are muslims the scum of Eart?

Why muslims exist? Why! Why these retarded piece of s*** exists??????? They're all f****** bad people.



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  • Because your IQ is 2 digits long, you believe everyones the same because of false stereotypes, if you tell me where you live i will beat the crap out of you infront of your wife then get her to cuck you; I'm not muslim, I'm just not a racist f***, racist jizzstains like you deserve to be stabbed in the face.

  • انت تظن انهم متخلفون لأنهم افضل منك

  • Show us that you are better?

  • What's eart?

  • I bet that you couldn’t even define the word Muslim

  • Why do they make weird noises?

  • F*** off, you racist pub scum make retarded noises like “wuuuaaaah” then have temper tantrums and beat your wife when your football team loses.

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