I like to show.

I like it and my husband encourages me to not wear bras or underwear in completely inappropriate situations or places, I love to have a bit of areola showing when it shouldn't be or to give a little unexpected flash here and there.
I wear bikinis that are too small for a 38 year old mom of 4, I have no stretch marks and am 5'3", 125 lbs and have small, Saggy B-cups and a bum that my husband says is better than most 25 year olds, Round, Just the right amount of wiggle and perfectly shaped he says. I havent worked up the guts to wear a thong yet on the beach but i dod wear cheeky bikinis all the time, I love the fact that even though my b**** look like a 65 year old womans that guys will still ogle them, My husband loves to watch the reactions from people and that's probably the part I enjoy also, Just watching some 25 year old guy stare at me out of the corner of his eye or a waiter hang around too long looking down my shirt is so hot.
We go out now that we have kids old enough to babysit the rest and my husband loves to watch guys flirt and for me to flirt back, He loves to watch me dance with other guys and see them push their luck sliding a hand down or for me to come back to the table and tell him the things that they say when they notice I don't have a bra on, We went to mexico last winter and while all the kids were in the resorts kids club we snuck down to the beach I popped off my top and we both sat there with sun glasses on and giggled about each person who took notice of the fact I was topless, After about an hour I put my top on and we went and got the kids, Would be great to do that again if covid ever f**** off.
I don't know, I just find it fun to do these things.

Nov 3, 2020

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  • Perfectly natural to show off and flirt in front of your husband. He enjoys it as well. Next step is to take it a bit further with one of your admirers, maybe when dancing with someone, slid your hand down and touch their erection. If that turns you both on, ask your dance partner to take you somewhere quieter where you can suck his c***.

  • Sounds like you are both enjoying your new found sexual freedom. Would love to meet up with you guys.

  • None of this is true, you are a guy.

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