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Hey I’m 22 my niece is 15, recently she came out to me as bisexual and said she wants a pride flag, however she can’t ask her older siblings or other relatives to get it for her because they won’t be accepting of her having it nor accepting of her sexuality. I told her I could get a small one but she wants a large flag to put in her room. I asked her what would she say if her parents sees it and starts an argument and she said the truth- that I got it for her. I don’t want to be put in the middle of their family arguments when this goes down but I also want to be there and support her. Should I get her the flag now or wait until she fully comes out to her family?

Nov 10, 2020

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  • Hi I'm 14, I have seen a lot of subtle pride flags recently where the colours are blended so it just looks like a tapestry, maybe that could work out?

  • She is 15 I’d tell her to experiment a little bit, and come out to her parents for the disown her then let her stay with you but no don’t put yourself in that situation. I’m a 14 yo girl and I’ve recently started questioning I think it’s just an age thing

  • If they* sorry

  • Why can't she get it for herself? Doesn't she have a paper round job or receive pocket money from her folks, which would give her the resources to buy one for herself? In my opinion, she's using the pride flag as an opportunity to reveal to her family, her bisexuality. Cause if the see that flag, they may address it.

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