I’m a horrible human but don’t care

So let’s tell a funny story. 4 years ago, I started hanging out with this girl. She was 20 and I was 39. She used to come to the shows I played music at with my band. We hooked up a few times but realized the age gap was to much, plus I had kids and she didn’t want that responsibility. So her mother and her mother’s husband played music in the same area as me. We were actually close friends, so I started hanging out with them. Her mother and I got very close, as we realized we had a lot in common. She told me how she wasn’t happy in her relationship with her husband. In the end I got her to cheat on her husband with me, then took her from him. So the ex husband hates me which I don’t give a damn about. So now I’ve banged the daughter, the mom, but here’s the kicker. The husband had a 20+ year old daughter from a previous relationship, and I found out she has an Onlyfans account. Now this woman is the kind of woman I dated when I was younger. Punk, tattoos, smoking hot, and now not only did I steal his life, bang his ex daughter in law, bang his wife while they were still together, but I’ve also now got to see his hot daughter nude and got her to send me vids of her doing ridiculous stuff to herself. I’m horrible and when I look at myself in the mirror most days I hate myself, but again... I don’t care lol.

Nov 18, 2020

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  • Karma can treat you the same!!!!
    Get ready to s**** up your life!!!

  • You will change your tune when some one comes after you

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