I am 44 and my wife is 40, She is super cute, Just cute as f***, short, Sexy, and just...Cute. We had some adventures when we were younger and nothing really got too far, I watched her make out with other girls and fool around with a couple guys, We did some skinny dipping and played strip poker a few times but never got into any hard stuff.
We have 3 kids now and life has gotten busy and a little mundane, The kids are a bit older and not so reliant on us so we find ourselves sitting around staring at each other, At first it was banging everyday when we found time alone but that got boring and one afternoon while we were laying in bed after a little afternoon romp she brought up "spicing things up", I asked what she wanted and we tried some roleplay, Some dressing up, A little light bondage but nothing was really hitting that high note. We went on a 3 day road trip just the two of us and she did some flashing and stuff, Nothing crazy but went commando and let some people see some stuff, After we got back home we were out one evening with friends and one of her friends was on the dancefloor and she caught me looking.
That night in bed we did a little roleplaying and she threw on an outfit like her friend had been wearing at the bar, Did her hair quickly like her friend had hers done, They are similar build and with her hair done like that she actually looked similar to her friend, It was fun but...Again just didn't quite do it. A few months later we went back to her home town to see her mom and the kids had decided they didn't want to come, Thay are at that age so we went out just the two of us, We ended up meeting up with an old friend of hers and she sat with us, When she went to the bathroom my wife piped up and said "So...What would you say if I invited her back to the hotel?".
I wasn't going to say no but it didn't end up happeneing, A few months later we went on a hot holiday, She did some topless time on the beach and we had some great s** and on day 6 of 10 days we invited a guy up to our room from the pool bar, It didn't go as planned, They got on the bed, made out, stripped her and he was all over her but he kept trying to stick his fingers in her bum and was being a little rough and he totally killed the mood and she kicked him out basically saying "Sorry, I don't think this is gonna work" so basically other than him going down on her and her jerking him off nothing happened.
On and on it went trying to find that...Thing and we sat down, Had a talk and decided that we just needed to stop trying to find our blowout thing and just let things happen as they may, As luck would have it we ended up in a hot tub with a friend of mine who is married to my wife's cousin, My wife had a little talk with her while me and him went to mix drinks, After they left she told me that her cousin was...Receptive to the idea of...Mixing things up possibly. A week later my wife told me she talked to her cousin, Her cousin put the idea in her husbands head and we invited them back over for some hot tubbing.
A few strong drinks and a little music and my wife removed her top, Talked her cousin who by the way is nice looking, Almost the same height as my wife but my wife is small chested with an amazing booty and her cousin is small booty with giant b****, The two of them hung out with just cleavage above the water, I took off my trunks, He followed suit and before long my wife was on his lap, Her cousin on mine and we found our "thing". 2 hours of amazing swapping back and forth, Being cousins they wouldn't do more than just some kissing and above the waist play with each other but it was still awsome.
We have made plans to have more play sessions and I think this may be an on going thing.

Dec 4, 2020

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  • We have an older lady who is a widow that comes over a lot, one evening she and the wife were talking, I was in the kitchen and overheard the widow mention she had not had s** for almost a decade, that nobody wanted her, almost tearful.
    Then my wife suggested she have me take care of her, I was shocked, totally unexpected. Besides the widow is in her 60's and we are both in our late 30's.
    So when I went in there, my wife presented the idea to me, told me it was just s** and we both loved her and wanted her to be happy.
    So now, the old lady comes by every Saturday night, and I do my job, which I might mention I don't mind one bit.
    Weird, the wife is not jealous one bit, although she did mention that this should keep me out of the massage parlors which I got caught at a year before.

  • Sounds like a filthy ur your wife. She has probably f***** half the town behind your back

  • Keep it low key and it can be great, My husband and I have one other couple we travel and hang out with, We do sort of a monthly swap type thing where she comes to my house and I go to hers for a night, On vacation it is more of a random thing where we do everything we can to get adjoining rooms and if not right next to each other and if something happens it happens, If not then not but don't try branching out to more couples, Keep it close and it can be a good thing.

  • That sounds great!

    My hubby and I enjoy s** with our neighbor as she was my BFF. Now BFF and s** partner.

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