Let’s hear about your first big “O”

The first time I actually “came” I was eleven and I thought I broke my p****. I didn’t know this is what happened to guys when they orgasmed, as I had very religious parents, and they’d never explained anything to me. I went to my thirteen year old sisters room, and showed her the s**** slowly dripping down my stomach, and asked her if I was okay. She said yes you’re fine then explained to me what had happened, and then asked me to never show her again. So let me hear about your first real o***** experience.

Dec 18, 2020

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  • Around 6. My cousin (same age) was molested and shared what she knew and liked with me. I would rub it so hard I chafed, cause lube wasn't a thing I was aware of.

  • Not sure how old i was but i would grind my c*** on the floor while looking at all the sexy women modeling panties and garter belts and stockings in the sears catalog. i did this all the time and loved the sensation when i got off then one day white fluid came out and i almost had a f****** heart attack. i asked my brother and he said thats what happens when you mature.

  • I was 14 when i had my first c** . got sucked by a guy close by my house. it was very good drained my b**** dry took a few min. it was a huge load 7 or 8 shot. he sucked me off 4 times that day. i loved it . i get sucked even now as often a possible .

  • My first time? with my cousin, both 10 years old, at her home as relatives. after lunch we went up to the ceiling, she wanted to see a p****, and I wanted to look at a v*****! we both touched and she gave me her first masturbation! I came into her hand. after that time nothing more, it was our secret!

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