Father in Laws surprise package

My wife and me took her mother and step dad out for a meal as it was he mum's birthday. Sonia was 76 and married to Dave, the same age. She was on her 3rd marriage and this one had lasted 25 years. Anyway we had a lovely meal and before leaving the pub everyone went to the toilets.

I was stood in the urinal next to Dave and I saw him whip out a magnificent example of the male member. It must have hung down at least 6 inches, it certainly dwarfed mine which reaches just over 6 inches fully erect. Anyway we dropped them off at home and popped in for a cuppa. We came to go and Sonia gave me a kiss on the lips, I said to her to enjoy the rest of the day and she smiled and said "Oh I will, Dave's gonna take me upstairs as soon as you've gone" "In that case enjoy your afternoon then" i replied and smiled back at her.

As we left i looked her up and down and winked as she waved us goodbye. A few days later, I was back round at their house. There was only me and Sonia in, Dave was round helping his mate restore an old motorbike and my wife was at work.

Sonia put the kettle on and made a cuppa. I asked her if she'd enjoyed her birthday and she told me after we left, Dave took her upstairs and had his way with her. "Lucky Dave" I said then added "And looking at what I saw in the pub toilet lucky you". She then took me by surprise and said "Just because he's got a big d*** doesn't mean he knows how to use it".

She then proceeded to tell me about her s** life and how with Dave it's a "Saturday night special" and that she's basically "something to dump his c** into, but hey ho I'll do my duty" I must admit this talk was turning me on and I said to her "Well, when I was stood next to him in the toilet he absolutely dwarfed me, I'd love to have a c*** that big".

"Well I hope if you did have a c*** that big you'd learn how to use it " she said "and not just pump away until you c**". So it turns out big Dave basically f**** my mother in law once a week in the missionary position then rolls off and falls asleep.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay any longer and had to go however she did tell me on Sunday he'd be back round at his mates. Quickly looking at my wife's roster, she's on shift on Sunday.

Dec 30, 2020

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  • I hope you were back at MIL to see what might happen. It sounds like both of you are looking to get some good s**. Just be discreet.

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