Husband cheated and I started having fantasies

I recently found out that my husband cheated on me and this caused me a lot of pain. However recently I started to chat with strangers about ** and fantasies and ended up getting really turned on by some of the filthy stuff men wanted to do to me. I haven't told my husband and as far as I am concerned it has nothing to do with him.
What concerns me is that I am getting turned on by some disgusting things.
Is this normal after you find out your partner has had an affair?

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  • If my wife was talking to men and they saying dirty things to her id get turned on . i find jealously a turn on . my wife told me years ago that she kissed a guy on weekend away . i got jealous but turned on .that was 20 years ago and we still often bring it up .her knowing i get jealous but aroused .tells me anytime it comes up we have great ** whatever it does to me .

  • What's good for the goose.....

  • I get turned on by naughty thoughts and watching some ** videos on the internet.

  • But are you female?

  • Well that was unfair as it was u unfaithful of him to have cheated on u, so if u cheat too now, I can't blame u as I can him for doing so to u first. Well I understand how u feel, I'm not trying to justify or condone u cheating, b careful, I want what's best for u and for it to b good, even if there is naughty things that can b involved.

  • I haven't had an affair or am I cheating but I do talk to strangers

  • Hmm God..that's so hot! I would think it is. Especially when your not being told the truth. Just curious...when you got turned on did you play with yourself while listening to them?

  • Yes I did

  • So long as you are only sharing texts and chats with men, I see nothing wrong. It's a great way to get excited and causes little if no harm. However, if the chatting eventually motivates you to have your own affair, then you are risking your marriage.

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