He's left his wife but I'm married

I am a married woman with a family. I admit i have had my own issues with depression and self esteem. Even though i have a loving and supportive family I've done things to push them away. About 5 yrs ago I met a guy at the gym who I began training with. We became friends. He was married and has a family. I found out he was in a loveless marriage and before long we started having an affair. It seemed as we were both married with families of our own then we were satisfying a sexual need without making things to complicated.
This last year has been hard for everyone so i have not seen this person as much. I have just found out he has left his wife though. I'm not sure what to do. I enjoy being with him and our love life is amazing and a release for me but should I take a leap and be with him permanently. I don't know if him being single now will change things. I love my family to and struggle with the thought of breaking them up. I know having an affair was wrong but whilst we were both married it seemed less complicated.

Jan 5, 2021

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  • You said it yourself - you have your own issues.
    Why would he jump from one bad situation to another POTENTIALLY bad situation.
    No, he probably wants some time to himself before taking that sort of chance.

  • I'd say maintain the status quo, especially on behalf of your family. You have space in your life for this naughty pleasure without hurting others. That's an opportunity and blessing to you. It is also a healthy release that can help you cope. Perspective says you have some wild flings and guilty pleasures. It also says you have loyalty and support to offer to family and children. You might just have the best situation possible.

  • Don’t do it. Especially if kids are involved. If he cheats with you, he’ll cheat in you! You’ll regret it!

  • Depends, can you handle him dating another woman and dropping you? If not, ditch the husband. If so, keep it the way it is.

  • You're wiser maintaining status quo.

  • Sounds like a big headache. Whatever happened to people being loyal to their husband or wife?

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