My worst day

This morning I am at home, My hubby left for work, House is empty, I start the coffee, shower, make a coffee and go to my room, I crank up the music and start getting ready for the gym, I have on my thong and go back to the kitchen, Grab my second coffee, Back to my room, I make two more trips to the kitchen before I am ready to go.
I get a text from my car pool that the gym is closed, Something with the power, I get out of my gym clothes and start to get dressed, I decided to have a little solo relaxation time and after one of the biggest O's in recent memory and having the house to myself I let go a bit vocally. As I laid there relishing in my full body O I had been watching a video on the tv, It switched to the next one and it was a 2 girl video, Not normally my thing but I was too lazy to grab the remote and just let it play, As I watched I started to get a bit aroused more at the situation than the actual video but I started to think (Should I, Could I, Why not) so I had solo round 2. I spent most of it with my backside up in the air while I watched the tv and I enjoy a little rub...Lets say on the outside only of the other hole.
As luck would have it that put my feet toward my bedroom door, As I lay on my stomach regaining my strength, I saw a reflection in the tv, I obviously paniced and looked back but there was no one there, I got this eerie feeling and got up, threw some shorts and a t-shirt on and stuck my head out the bedroom door, I saw nothing so I went down the hall, Nothing, Kitchen, Bathroom, Livingroom nothing. I carefully snuck downstairs and poked my head into the family room Nothing, Bathroom Nothing, Sewing room Nothing and then opened my step sons room and good f**** god there he is on his bed, D*** in one hand and phone in the other and in the middle of blowing his load on a towel.
So...My step son is 22 and recently moved back in with us due to a job loss situation but has a new job, I closed the door and stood outside in the hallway waiting, I heard him muttering swears and rustling around so I opened the door and hes still standing there with no pants on, He stares at me, I stare at him and he says "Do you mind", I say "Oh f***, Put pants on, It's not the first d*** I have seen" we talk and he tells me he was in the livingroom the first ime I walked past so he seen me make how many trips to the kitchen in just a thong then he watched both solo sessions.
We had our talk and I went upstairs.
After a while I started to think and went back downstairs, I opened his door to him having round two and I asked if he had taken pictures of me, He got nervous, Long story short he did and videoed both solo rounds. I am sure he has copies but I made him delete what he had on his phone...F***.

Jan 15, 2021

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  • I'm in my 60s and I would have done the same as him.

  • Nice! How old are you?

    I would have been tempted to take him for a ride. I’m 51 and nothing beats riding a young hard c***

  • He is.wanking over you as you are aware and obviously wants you f*** you
    How old are you ?
    And why don't you just him ?

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