I've yielded more power than some governments

I'm still kind оf giddy, knоwinǵ ӏ'm living in a time where І can literally make
sоⅿethinģ up, post it on the internet, and then watch as all the majοr news
outlets actually publish what ӏ say, thinkinģ it's real.

- аոοո

Jan 15

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  • I don't know how some go to sleep at night. Some do not have integrity and get paid lots of money for spewing bs!

  • The news outlets simply spew nonsense these days. They make up whatever crap suits their agenda. If something you said is part of the stupidity, then so be it.

  • Yep, this is why I never read/watch news stories that in any way rely on or refer to Twitter, Facebook, or other social media posts. I only rarely and barely care what elected officials have to say about ANYthing, and far less, what "celebrities" think, but not at all what the "Average Joes" (like me) of the world have typed into their phones because a group of total fools have made the space available to them FOR FREE. To the OP: don't get too excited. What you wrote only got published because you wrote something you didn't actually believe, but just chose to insert in a blank box because it was either insulting or inflammatory or insane. If it was none of those things, then they included your words in their story because it fit the result they wanted portrayed, not because there was anything magical or brilliant or original in your thinking or your expressions. Sorry, Charlie.

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