Got mad at my mom

I was super behind on my school work (esp chem) and my mom gave me the weekend to do it. I didnt get it done and on the way to my friends she yelled at me for it and just took me home. I was really p***** and took 2 handfuls of tylenol, its been about two hours but im nervous about if somethings gonna happen and i didnt tell anyone

Jan 18, 2021

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  • I took 96 pills, and lived. They were all kinds followed by water, if it’s bad, you’ll start throwing up. Otherwise, just take care of yourself. Try to flush them out with water. Or make yourself throw up.

  • This can cause kidney and liver damage.Get help soon if you are fine even today.

  • Quit doing self harm because of how others make you feel (you drama queen) this behaviour will result in liver damage and organ failure if you keep this up.
    I resort to name calling to let you realize your mistake,change your attitude and view this as constructive criticism. Man up and study.
    SMH medications are for ill people, not feelings

  • Umm.... or you can stop being toxic, and support this person OBVIOUSLY in need of psychological help.

  • You’re at risk of damaging your kidneys, and your stomach lining.
    I know it made you angry that your mum has lost her temper at you, and harming yourself doesn’t help.
    Find another family member who is calm that you can vent to.

  • I hope you are okay!

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