I expose myself

I know I shouldn't but I think it's fairly harmless, It's only to one person and I would never take it any further than just a flash here and there, It all started about six years ago when I was twenty and he was twenty nine, I was at the beach with my sister and her kids, Her husband had gone to the camper for a mid afternoon nap after helping carry all of our stuff to the beach, He had maybe drank a bit much at the fire the night before which is out of character for him but he woke up and started counting empty beer cans and all of us were a bit surprised how many he had drank.
When he came back to the beach two hours later me and her were laid back in our beach chairs watching the kids swim and he flopped down in a chair beside us He had sun glasses on and I didn't notice but I had an areola half showing, Even though he was hiding it, I eventually noticed that he had a bulge in his trunks but didn't think much of it until my sister walked to the water and put another layer of sunscreen on her kids then returned and leaned in whispering "Fix your top", I looked down and quietly tucked stuff back in.
A few months later I stayed at their house and I always sleep on the couch every since the spare room became a nursery and now a girls room, In the morning my sisters husband made coffee, Poured me a cup and sat in "His chair", I obviously wasn't wearing a bra as I had just woken up, When he moved I could see he again had a bulge in his sweats, When he got up to pour another coffee I looked down and I had hard nips, I stayed with them a few more times before realizing that every time he could see my nips or maybe a bum cheek if I was sleeping in something slightly revealing that I could get a bit of a reaction from him.
I should say that he is a great guy, Amazing really, He has never done anything inappropriate or said anything to creep me out and he doesn't stare or gawk at me but I have caught his eyes drift from time to time, My sister and I are similarly built but I somehow received the "B*** gene" and we can wear each others clothes except tops usually and have been mistaken for twins if we wear our hair the same being only three years apart but obviously my b**** which are a D are probably intriguing to him.
I often when I have a chance will give him a peek or just not put my bra on right away in the morning, I often will lay on the floor across from him letting one nip peek out or let my shorts or nightshirt ride up exposing a bum cheek, He is kind of shy and quiet which makes it even more funny.
Yesterday I stayed over again and in the morning I had on some loose fitting shorts, I sat up on the couch kitty corner to his chair and crossed my legs, When he went to get us more coffee I adjusted my shorts so he could see up the leg, He sat down and I could tell he looked right up the leg which must have been a bit too much and must have made him uncomfortable because he only sat for a couple minutes and got up excusing himself, he turned away from me but I got a quick peek of his very obvious bulge as he left the room, He didn't return until half an hour later when my sister had woken up and I had fixed my self up.
Maybe a step too far for his comfort level, back to just nips or bum cheeks. ;)

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  • Love it!

  • Men are visual and a bit of attention ups there ego.

  • Sweet! Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. Love it!

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