So awkward

I got caught playing with myself but...As if that wasn't bad enough I got caught by my...Uncle, But as if that wasn't bad enough I got caught watching a home video of him and my auntie. Ok, so this is a bit of a weird description so let me explain.
Not exactly my uncle but he is married to my mom's cousin, My mom's brother has no kids and we are all super close so we call them my uncle and aunt and their kids my cousins...Just simpler that way, I moved in with them a month ago after a situation at my school that I won't get into but my parents freaked and pulled me out of school, I was sent to live with them and due to special circumstances I was allowed to switch schools mid year. The new school, New city, New living circumstances is all a bit overwhelming and I share a bedroom with my cousin while a new room is being built in the basement for me. I just in the last year started...Playing with myself and with the new situation it hasn't left me any time or space to myself but...That afternoon I had back to back spares which doesn't always happen.
I had decided to go home during my spares and was sitting on the couch, I made a snack and leaned the recliner back watching a show and a scene came on that was kind of steamy and got me thinking that no one was home, I pretty much jumped up, Ran to my room, Ripped off all of my clothes and jumped onto my bed, I was full on, Given er with my legs spread, Soles of my feet together and my finger in deep. I am tall and skinny like my dad but have big b**** like my mom and was just hard at it, One finger in, Rolling one nip in my other fingers and I thought I heard a noise but it was the middle of the day. I stopped and quickly threw on some clothes.
I went and looked around the house but didn't see anyone, I went to my aunt and uncleds room and looked in, Didn't see anyone and then I got snoopy, I don't know why but I started snooping around their room and in the closet found a bag, I opened the bag and there was a dvd, A d****, Some lube, A pair of dice with positions on it and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. I looked at the dvd and was curious so i took it and put the bag back, I went back to my room knowing I had an hour left and popped it into the TV, Well lets say I was a little shocked to see that it was home made p*** and it was my auntie and uncle.
My uncle is just your average dad, great guy and I guess reasonably attractive and his is the first real life p**** I have seen, I watched two scenes and my auntie sucked him off in the first, She swallowed which was kind of weird and seems gross but whatever, In the second one it started out with a lot of him filming her and lots of her s***** and from behind, A little bit of bum hole play which again seems weird but then he set the camera down and oh my, He hammered her hard and when she came I was fully back into it, He pulled out and reached over grabbing the camera getting close ups of her sucking his b**** and his c*** and he was jerking and there wasn't much sound.
I was on my back, My head on a pillow, Legs as wide as I could get them and going at myself.
Just then my uncle walked around the corner and said "Oh f***....Sorry", I said it, I still don't know why I said it but I did, I said "Wait...Wait...". What I meant was "Wait...Wait, let me explain" but...I didn't stop, I don't know why but I didn't stop so what he obviously got out of it was "Wait...Wait...Watch me", I was already starting to o***** and couldn't stop, I looked at the screen on the tv, Why did I do that, If I wouldn't have he wouldn't have but at the same time that he started coming in the video, I started coming in real life with him standing there in real life watching me, I started bucking my hips and moaned "Ohhh GAAAWWWWDDD" and sat up, Tilted my head back and came, and came, and came, I had my finger in me and I could feel my wetness basically flowing.
I stared at him as I came and we locked eyes and then he looked over my body, He had a huge bulge and I just kept fingering, Just kept going, Why didn't I stop, I already came and then it happened, He looked at the tv and his eyes got wide, He looked at me, Looked at the tv and back at me. I started to whimper and said "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I am soooo sorry". He bit his lip and turned to walk out then turned back and went to say something, He stopped and looked at me and just said "F***" and then walked out.
I tried to get out of bed but my legs wouldn't work properly but eventually I managed to get some shorts on, I grabbed my shirt and held it in front of me running to find him, He was standing in the kitchen staring out the window and turned to face me, I said "I'm so sorry, Please, I'm sorry", He just stood looking at me and I didn't even think about it I just pulled my shirt on and he obviously seen my b**** because he turned away and said "Jesus". I kept apologizing and he eventually said "I am gonna need that video back", I nodded and stood there and then said "Oh, Sorry, i'll get it", I went in and it was still on and my auntie was on her back playing with herself, I pressed eject and took it to the kitchen.
He had moved to the living room and I went in and handed it to him, He took it and sat there, I just kept apologizing and he didn't say much except "You shouldn't be watching this" and I said "I know and I am so sorry for going through your room", We talked a bit and he asked me if I needed anything other than my own room and I asked what he meant, He said "Well, Obviously you are at that age and I doubt if your parents have offered so this is a one time offer, It will not happen again but do you have or need a...D****".
So needless to say I was shocked but I just sputtered "Pffft, No, No I don't and my parents would never", He said "Do you want one?", I meant to shake my head no but instead nodded my head. He said "Ok, When do you have to go back to school and I lied and said I didn't have to that day, He said "Ok, Let's go". I didn't even stop to think I just got in the truck with him and next thing I knew I was standing in the entry of the downtown "S** shop", He walked in and me behind him, The girl kind of looked at us and he said "She needs some help", She said "Ok, What do you need?". I croaked "A...Um...A..." and looked at him as he walked away then I whispered "A didlo...d****" and she giggled and said "Ooohhhh....I see".
We went to the back of the store and when we did my uncle went to the front and sat down, She seemed kind of weirded out by the situation and looked at him then at me and said "Um, sweety, Is that your...Dad?", I shook my head no, She said "Oohh, Uh...Boyfriend?", I shook my head no and she said "Uh?", I said "Long story but he is my uncle and I am living with them, He walked in on me today and offered to buy me something since my parents won't". She said "Oh wow, Uh, Ok...Are you 18?", I put my head down and she said "Don't worry I won't ask for ID, Just say yes". I said "Yes" and she said "Ok, Just one sec" and went, talked to my uncle and came back saying "So...He says no price limit" and we shopped, He looked a little surprised when after like 30 minutes she rang everything through and he handed me his credit card, He made sure to wait until everything was in the bag and then came to the counter.
$375 and he cleared his throat, I grabbed my bag and we went home, I still had an hour before anyone else would be home and we went inside, He handed me the dvd and said "I will be back at 3:00" I said "Ok" and he said "3:00 sharp", I nodded then he left, I masturbated with my new toys and watched the dvd and at 3:00 he walked into my room, I was still naked and it was oddly comfortable, He looked at me, I looked at him and slowly closed my legs, I got out of bed and stood naked looking at him and said "Thank you", He said "You're welcome and took the dvd out and left the room then returned a few minutes later with fresh sheets, I looked back and there was a big wet spot.
So weird, So crazy, So not normal but yet I am comfortable with him seeing me naked and knowing I m********* to videos of him and my aunt and he has never said anything when I make sure to put the bag back in a different spot than it was so he will know. I have asked him for fresh sheets almost everytime and have made sure to leave my stuff out so he sees what he paid for. I don't know why but there is a weird dynamic between us now and I love it.

Oct 27, 2020

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