Little girl

Dad coats his uncut c*** in some honey and has a couple of the other men hold her cheeks apart on either side. Dad slides a little past the tip to push into her throat for the first time! He keep it there while she squiggles and he grabs her little hand help to stroke her father's p**** as best she can. Mostly she just grips it like a stuffy while the c******* pops in and out of her throathole with an obscene squishy sound. They even go ahead and pick her up entirely again to push harder down onto him, encouraging her to push her little tongue into dad's urethra. Until it tickles so much he has to let loose a bit more p*** So he pulls out to get a little stream going

Jan 29, 2021

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  • Imagine getting mad anyway I raped my sister and now she loves s** and loves when I eat her p****

  • Wanna talk on wickr help me rape my sister she’s 10 lollagucci is my id

  • Just a fantasy

  • Why even write this, other than to get a rise out of people. But truly, get help if you think it’s even funny

  • It is funny I do this because people actually get mad and I like to see it

  • I hope you rot in h***!

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