Getting hurt and angry

I am feeling offended and hurt that wen has not called me back. I am feeling angry at S because she is a b****. I am sick of being around people who mess me around. I end up having to put my foot down and expressing my anger a bit and hurt to make them understand I am a person with feelings too! if they want my help they have keep me informed. if groups won't help my creative work why should I put money into their bank account when I am poor and struggling while some rich people should donate and help charities more then just me alone. yes it is embarrassing I feel embarrassed that I can't afford things like helping every charity or service I miss appointments with my therapist, dentist and others cuz I can't afford things and these groups want to take more money and why don't they get corporations and big wealth business men to give to cancer, animals and stroke and heart and all these wildlife and rspca and other charities, the doctors charities and hospital are always calling here for their causes just cuz i have had cancer and stroke and illness and its embarrassing I can't give to all of them, I feel hassled by them. I am happy to help Wen but she has to keep in contact and let me be part of the project, why should I just had over a heap of good clothes and bags and shoes and hats and not know where they are going and how they being used. I am not gonna give them to find out 2 or 6 months later they have been given to some 18 or 20 year old and she has all these clothes to get a good career or husband when I am living like a begger without a job or man when I need those things more myself. no one helped me to feel pretty or buy me pretty clothes when I was a little girl or teen or in my early twenties. I had barely anything to get boys to look or other girls never asked me out we were so poor there was no schoolies week for us we were so poor.

May 2, 2016

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