I hate my sister!

Okay so we can get along at times but for the most part I can't stand my older sister! (she's 20 and I'm 18) You'd think that since she was 20 years old going on 21 she would have already moved out of the house, went to college and started living her own life, but instead she's still here freeloading and ruining my mine! You may think that I am overreacting when I say I hate her freaking guts, I mean hate is a strong word right? Well that's exactly why I chose it! My sister is a revolting slob, a pompous j*** and a THEIF! She doesn't have respect for anyones property, let alone her own. She breaks and loses everything including her own belongings such as chargers, jewlery, money and clothing and then she chooses to creep into my room when I'm not there (or asleep) and takes mine! When I catch her with my belongings and tell her to give them back, she ignores me and continues doing whatever she was doing. Either that or she tells me that she will give it back to me when she "feels like it." She has no respect for anyone else but herself! She is also not a trustworthy person to have in anyones life. I will never trust her AGAIN after the time she stole my debit card from my wallet and bought gas money for herself along with some hair extensions that totaled up to about 122 dollars! To this day she STILL has not paid me back even though she works two jobs and is making $300 on her paychecks. I hate my sister so bad that sometimes when I see her walk by me I have this strong overpowering urge to just punch her in the face! She thinks shes's so perfect and so much better than me because she has a lot of friends, a job and a bachelors degree while all I have is a high school diploma (I recently graduated). She thinks she's so pretty and that all the guys want her. Every five seconds I hear her blabbing on about how this boy is trying to 'talk to' her and how that boy thinks shes 'hot.' She posts all these revealing pictures of herself on Facebook just so she can get likes and comments from guys. And then she invites them over to the house and fools around with them when I'm in the room. Like seriously? Have some f****** respect. She's even tried to go after guys that I had a crush on multiple times. Ugh! If only they knew the real her like I do. The nasty digusting slob that does her 'business' in the toilet and never flushes! That burps and farts without ever saying excuse me! That never cleans her room and lives in a f****** roach infested pigsty! No wonder she always loses everthing in there, you can't even see the f****** floor! If they knew her like I knew her she wouldn't be blabbing anymore that's for sure. But no matter what she does she will always be 'perfect'. All the adults favor her over me and swoon over how 'pretty' and 'successful' she is. All the guys hit on her via Facebook begging to have a moment of time with her while I don't get as much as a poke. As much as I hate her and wish that she would just disappear off the face of the earth at the snap of my finger, it's not going to happen and I'm just going to have to deal with it. God I can't wait until she moves out.

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