I am in love with my best friend

I've known this guy for about a year now, and I really consider him my best friend. We have so much in common, and every moment we spend together is full of laughs. He's always there for me when I really need him, and he knows I'm there for him too.

But.. Something changed lately.

I started seeing him differently, I guess. I am fairly young, so I can't say exactly what love is for everyone, because it's different for everyone. Maybe for that teenage boy, it's how she leaves little notes on his locker to remind him how much he matters to her. For that little old lady, it's how her husband will go and buy a bouquet of Peonies, because that was the first flower he ever gave her.

What changed was when we were in a group of people, and the guy that had sexually assaulted me was trying to buddy it up with me. I was frozen, it had only been a few months and I had never told anyone. What changed was the fact that he was the only one who noticed, stayed by me the entire time and never left me alone with him, and after the guy left, he asked me if I was okay and if I wanted to leave.

It changed, and others saw it too.. We made some new friends, and every time he leaves to do something real quick, they ask how long we've been together, how we make such a cute couple. His friends like to tease him when he leaves, saying that when I deny stuff it would break his heart. Obviously I deny everything, because I know him and he wouldn't see me that way. I think he's like this with everyone, but one day, I hope what his friends tell me is true.

But who knows, maybe I'm just oblivious. You could smack me upside the head with an engagement ring and I'd just be concerned someone lost their ring and why did you have to throw it that hard like **?

But.. it is nice. Maybe things will change.

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  • I know how you feel he's literally gay and there's no way but leik,,, will you please marry me already

  • I hope to do for your sake cuz I know just how it feels to be on the outside looking in it ** so you should make some kind of move don't just sit there like I did and let it all pass you by do something cuz it's doing something is better than doing nothing

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