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I started talking to a guy from school (on snapchat) just before national lockdown in February 2020 and he was so sweet and everything I wanted in a guy. In April/May we had a couple tiffs where he said he only wanted friends with benefits and then changed his mind and said he wanted a relationship and and we this went back and forth all the way to September 2020 (we were very on and off and I spent a lot of time crying because of him and his actions but we never ended up meeting up in person but we were also texting quite flirtily). After April we were never the same as we were before, he stopped replying to me instantly and only engaged with me around once/twice a day unless he was **. In September I told him I was talking to someone else and he left me alone for a month. September was also the month he moved 30 miles away for university (this didn’t really make a difference because we were only online anyway). After a month (October) I posted on my snapchat story a selfie where I was all dressed up and looked considerably nicer than I usually do. He said he was wrong and wanted a relationship with me after all. He was sweet for a couple weeks but immediately went back to leaving me on delivered for 12+ hours and it really got on my nerves. He added me to his private story, asked to be added to mine then removed me from his. In December He then left me on opened for 4 days (after I made a sarcastic joke) and in the spur of the moment I had enough and I blocked him on everything- Instagram, Whatsapp, his phone number, everything you could think of. New Year’s eve 2020 I get a text from a number not in my contacts and I add it to my contacts to see the profile picture on Whatsapp and it’s him with a new number. I blocked the new number and the first week of February he makes a new facebook and says “Could you unblock me? Need to talk to you” and I blocked him again. Since I blocked him in December I have not stopped missing him at all, I view his social media profiles multiple times a day (even though I blocked him) but he makes me feel very sad, miserable and angry and is quite damaging to my mental health but also gives me a lot of validation and I still crave it and miss his friendship. The past couple days I’ve really been feeling the need to unblock him (out of nowhere- is this manifestation?) and I have told my friends and all of them say to not unblock him because he was so horrible to me and I don’t need to put myself through this. I think I love him and I really want to unblock him but is it worth it? He clearly still wants me in his life because he keeps reaching out? I’m really not sure what to do because I miss him so dearly but our relationship became quite toxic for both of us? Should I make it clear we are no more than friends even though I like him more than friends still (or do I do this after I lose feelings for him)? Do I just have to wait it out until I stop missing him and that he the end of us? Should I unblock him because life is short and there’s no point hiding how you feel? I think he does regret his behaviour because he keeps reaching out but I think it’ll be the same as before- he’s sweet for two weeks then goes back to the ** he was in no time. Should I wait until covid restrictions are lifted and meet him in person once and for all? I’m a Virgo and 18 and he’s a Sagittarius and 19 if that helps anything. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I’m so lost about what to do from here. Thank you in advance :)

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  • He sounds like me. I imagine you have ** for a while and then he gets distant? He just likes ** you but really can’t stand you. Don’t take it personally, cut him loose and date that guy who you only see as a friend but who’s always there if you need a shoulder to cry on. Those guys are boring, but actually give a ** about you.

  • It sounds to me that it could be a NPD. Narsasisstic Personality Disorder and he could be Loved bombing you possibly.
    Look up NPD and see if it fits..

  • You're just a piece of ** for blocking him and you don't deserve him. If I were him and if you tried to unblock me i would block you right away. He probably found another ** anyway

  • Hey, hey hey...

    Be nice. This young lady is still learning how to deal with her feelings and hormones.

    Hopefully this young man will accept her apology.

  • A little motherly advise....

    You only live once. Tell him how you feel. Find a way to go see him. I am sure he “more than likes you as a friend” as well.

    I had a similar situation with my husband and now we have been married 25 years. A woman needs to go after what she “wants”.

    I’ll never forget the night I knew that I had secured my husband. He came to my apartment and spent the night. It was a cold December night we snuggled and kissed. I felt him become erect. I kisses him and reached into his sweats and began playing with his hard **. It was so HARD!

    I was sleeping in just a tee-shirt as I always do to this day. I straddled him and kissed him then slid my ** down toward his ** and slipped it inside of me. It was amazing!!! His eyes got so BIG as his ** entered my warm wet **.

    I rode him until we both climaxed. As I started to ** I whispered in his ear that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Six weeks later he put a ring on my ** and I have been enjoying riding that ** ever since.

  • Cheer Up, Be Strong.. Hug Hug...
    This Stories made i stunned, Schocked....
    I DONT know How come similar, Close like Twins Stories.

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