Wifes entertainment

I came home from work late one night to find my wife and 2 of her girl friends drinking wine. They were all pretty buzzed and they told me to join them. They started saying how they were feeling h**** but I didn't think much of it.

I was getting buzzed and I told my wife I was going to get changed into some shorts because I was kinda warm. She said not to go but I protected. She told me to take off my shirt to cool off so I did. I was standing and just took off my shirt and one of her friends said 'no take off your pants'. I laughed and started to sit when my wife said to take them off. OK I said and stripped them off to my boxers. I was getting hard with these women watching when one asked if she could see my c***. I started to protest and my wife told me to show them.

Really? I asked. She said sure and j*** off for us. You can be the entertainment. I took another shot of tequila and then pulled off my underware. The girls were whistling and makin commments as I sat on the edge of the chair, leaned back and spread my legs giving them a clear fire of my c*** and b**** as I stroked myself until I squired all over my stomach. They loved it. It was f****** hot.

Feb 21, 2021

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  • There's a song about how tequila makes her clothes fall off, so...

  • Wow! If I was your wife I would of suggested they play “poke me”. Same rules as poker but the winner gets to have their way with the “entertainment”.

    Only catch is that when the winner is enjoying the prize the losers watch her get her “fill”

    I did that in college with my roommates and this guy that hung out with us all the time

    Those were the days

  • Are you 12 years old?

  • What a wired questionthey are married how can they be 12

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