Peeking at my son and his girlfriend

I do something so embarrassing and bad but I can’t stop. For 11 years now I have peeked at my son and his girlfriend, now wife, when they are in bed. Their room is below mine and there is an old plumbing chase in my closet that I can look down and see them.

I started the first time when they were both freshman in college, 19. He lived at home and she would visit. I was the cool parent, I guess, and let her sleep over. To be honest, I watched the first time to make sure they figured out the s** part. She was so shy and petite and my son didn’t have any experience either. I was afraid they wouldn’t get it. They did, so softly and gently. She had long curly black hair. My son still had his thin build but was long where it counted. He was on top and so gentle. It was beautiful. I watched all that weekend. It was always the same, him on top, and always sweet and soft and slow.

You would think that was enough - that I would be satisfied. And I did, for a while. Then, I wondered, had they changed . . . improved . . . tried different positions. . . I had to look again . . .

Mar 2, 2021

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  • ..let me see if I have this right... a 19 year old college guy might not know how to insert rod"A" into slot "B", because he is an Honors Graduate and never used his computer for entertainment. And you being only a parental voyeure couldn't actually instruct your son about the birds and bees, because you can only watch.
    And I suppose you never watched your son w*** at night before bed when he was just starting to age past puberity, because you wanted to make sure he knew how to exercise his p****?

  • I am a 20 something guy and i live at home with my parents and 15 year old sister.Her bedroom is next to mine and there is a hole in the wall that i can peek at her thru.She happens to be a bedwetter and wears cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night because of it and our mom goes into her room before her bedtime and puts the diapers and plastic pants on her.I love peeking thru the hole and watching mom do the diapering of sis! It is a real arousal for me!

  • Do you think they know you’ve watched them ? Does your daughter in law have an exhibitionist streak ?

  • I don’t think they know. It’s not like I look every time. My DIN has gotten more confident in life and bed - maybe even bold - but I wouldn’t call her exhibitionist.

  • You must get aroused at times sharing the house with her. I know I would. Have you noticed her flashing you accidentally on purpose at all ?

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