I let my cousins husband touch me

Last Saturday night my husband and I stayed at my cousins house, after putting the kids to bed upstairs we started drinking and ended up getting pretty wasted, My husband went downstairs and passed out and I followed shortly after, my husband and my cousins husband had planned on doing some stuff early the next morning but my husband must have forgotten to set his alarm.
Around 7:00 in the morning I heard a light knock on the bedroom door which was wide open, I was sleeping in just a loose fitting night gown with a wide, loose neck line, I heard the knock and heard my cousins husband whisper my husbands name but didn't move, My husband kept snoring and never moved, For a few seconds I didn't hear anything but soon felt like someone was close to me, I opened my eyes and my cousins husband was standing beside the bed facing away from me, I was laying on my side and looked down and noticed one of my b**** was out.
I was still drunk and was already h**** so I decided to let him have a peek, I closed my eyes and left my b*** out, I heard my cousins husband whisper my husbands name again and he still didn't move, just kept snoring, I heard him whisper my name and I laid there pretending to sleep, I felt him gently shake my shoulder and I rolled onto my back letting him see my b***, he didn't move for a second or two but soon I felt his hand touch my shoulder, He gently shook me again and I continued pretending to sleep, I felt him slide his hand down my shoulder, across my upper chest and I felt him gently squeeze my b***, My heart started racing and I was scared he would feel it but he just gently held my b***, I felt him take his other hand and softly pull my nipple letting it fall a couple times then he let go of my b***.
I was laying on my back and had one foot pulled up with my foot alongside my other knee which left my legs partially spread but I didn't expect him to see anything down there but after he let go of my b*** I felt him gently slide the covers off my lower body, I felt his hand on my knee and felt him slide his hand up my inner thigh then I felt him gently caress my p****, My heart was racing and I was trying to control my breathing, After he played with my p**** for about a minute I felt him take his hand off it.
I heard him unzip his shorts and pull them down and I felt him lay a towel I had left on the floor across my stomach, Suddenly I heard him stroking himself, I peeked out of one eye and seen him staring at my p**** as he stroked his p****, It only took about a minute and then he stood up on his tippy toes and shot his load on the towel, I watched him roll up the towel then he covered my lower body back up, Pulled up his shorts and leaned in and kissed my nipple, I rolled over and pulled the covers with me letting him see my bum and p**** from behind and a minute or so later I heard him walking up the stairs.
I got out of bed and whipped off my nightgown, I crawled into the shower and had one of the best o****** with their showerhead that I have ever had.
After a little while I went upstairs and had coffee with my cousin, When he came into the kitchen he was quiet and didn't look me in the eye, I apologized for my husband sleeping in and my cousin said "that's ok, he just got up too", When my husband got up they went and did their stuff and that evening we headed home.
Weird but wow was it ever fun.

May 10, 2016

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  • Sneaky s** in one form or another is great fun. I remember fingering girlfriends in certain places and putting them in my mouth before dinner. The flavor was excellent and that made me soooo ready for s**. Humans who are too reserved miss out on the pure fun that s** can be. If that was me, I would be tasting you as well. I loved your story.

  • Thats a pretty HOT story !!!! I wish it would've went further.. I wanna hear more... Maybe its time to go visit again.. This time, you wake up while he's touching you, but you grab his hand and let him know its okay, or that it feels good.. Make sure your husband gets good and drunk again... ?????? ù

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