25 years and what

25 years of marriage and I am worn out. Tonight my wife asked how I was doing and I broke down about the struggles our adult daughter was having. A half hour later she was reciting to me about the times she was right about decisions with her and how I hurt her by failing to back her up. I apologized. It then went of to a lecture about the damage done to our marriage and how aplofgies were not enough and I needs to "fic things". No credit for the things I have done. A repateated story and my repeated aplogies. She gets in a downward spiral and does not stop. No arguing or shouting. I know better. she went for a drive. I am tired of this. so tired. I would divorce her but our youngest has real problems and needs a secure home. I can't tell her anything negative. I try to let go. She never forgets. Is it forgiving if you bring it up again and again?

Mar 12, 2021

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  • Get some time together with a councillor and evolve your marriage.

  • Knock the b**** out

  • Are you a man or a mouse ?
    Evict the b****. She'll learn then and come crawling back apologizing

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