I hate you, Nathaniel.

So there's this specific guy, Nathaniel. We've been talking for 3 weeks now. And I f****** hate him, because whenever I try to show motives that I am (kinda) interested in him, his response is so f****** lame, like he always make me feel like a stupid person. Ugh I don't know man, I also get jealous when I see him interacting with some other girls on twitter. I don't know, I don't know if I really like him or not. Maybe I just always want him around u know what I'm saying, maybe I'm already attached too much? My mental health is so f***** up.

Mar 23, 2021

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  • Don't bother, there 's always a better man out there.

    Dickheads cannot change.

  • You need to be far more direct: Quite frankly, we aren’t mind readers, and even if he knew you were flirting with him, there’re only two possibilities and end results in his mind. One, that you are being serious and it can lead to somewhere. Two, you aren’t being serious, and if he gets the wrong idea, your friendship has a good chance of being shattered.

    If you’re interested in him romantically, be straightforward.

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