My dad is a ** conspiracy crack pot

My dad has always been some ** conspiracy crack pot who watches Idiocracy and zeitgeist way too much, and preaches anarchy/atheism. So, it's no surprise that he's also an anti-masker who thinks covid was a government scheme to make sure the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich. He completely thinks the virus is the only reason he's in poverty and not the mass amounts of weed, vape juice and cigarettes he buys weekly.

Anyways, from the start of covid he's not taken anything seriously and I'm at high risk (I have asthma and I'm anemic) so this kinda ** me off that he doesn't care. I've tried to tell him that obviously masks are fine since A). I haven't died yet and my lungs don't even work properly half of the time and B). if masks really did cause harm then it's a ** miracle doctors and nurses haven't been dropping dead since they're *double masking* for over eighteen hours a day. It just ** me off that he's refusing to see any other side to this, he's a smart man, he understands quantum physics and **, but he can be so ** stupid sometimes.

My sister and I think the only way for him to ever take this seriously is if one of us catches it and dies. Which would be me taking one for the team I guess. But I don't want it to come to that. I don't want a death to be the only thing that finally gets him to acknowledge the opinions of medical professionals rather than the opinions of some jacked-up facebook poster.

Sorry if this vent is too long for this site, but I'm just so ** off at him I needed to get it all out.

Mar 25, 2021
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  • You are a ** sheep, I feel bad for your dad for wasting his speed on you. He should have just jerked off and flush it down the toilet.

  • It sounds like your father needs to read the kjv bible.

    But as far as the COVID-19 VIRUS... it is not a VIRUS..
    I am not going to try and convince you, instead please research the effects that 60GHZ has on OXYGEN MOLECULES.

  • Tell him it's always good to be sceptical, but there's always equal common sense when listening to some rant on Facebook and the medical professional. You can still trust and dismiss one or the other and vice versa and reach your own conclusion. Maybe he is right or wrong, but remind him that the medical professionals (who have the qualifications and experience then probably the jacked up Facebook poster) also could have some sense of validity as anyone.

    Wearing a mask even if you disagree with it just shows the courtesy that you are willing to work with others. He can still channel his thoughts but probably in a more safer manner (e.g posting online or maybe writing concerns to a politician). Even if he believes there is virtually no threat to the virus, would he still want the idea of possible death hanging over him?

    CyclistAnons COVID-19 Corruption =

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