CG/L roleplay or more??

I think I've fallen into a cg/l role-play relationship. I'm confused and need advice.

My adult life began with all I ever wanted- I’m from the midwest and graduated about 3 yrs ago. I aced an interview for a dream job in SF and decided to go for it. Long story short- I got lucky to find a room for rent in a house owned by a old lady. I have a 2nd floor room, my own bathroom and I can use the kitchen and laundry.

The lady is 60 or 70, sweet and friendly but lonely. She’s a big woman. Tall and built kind of squarely with huge and a bit saggy b**** over a round tummy. I'm just over 5 ft tall with a small, average figure. She’s a big hugger so when she wraps her arms around me I'm pretty much smothered. She said everyone called her Momma or MommyRose (not her real name but she does go by the Momma part). She suggested I call her MommyRose so I did.

Like my family, Mommy’s kids live far away so she's always talkative and curious about my day and what I was do. I’m kind of shy so my life isn't that exciting so we talked ALOT. One day I came home really upset- I was passed over for a small promotion, a guy I thought was cute started dating a coworker, I was missing my family back home- it was just a bad day. I rushed past her and went upstairs to have myself a good cry. MommyRose was concerned but I said I'd come down soon.

When I came down MommyRose was on the couch. My eyes were teary and she patted the couch next to her so I sat down. She gave me a big hug and I just started balling. She pulled me over, laying across her lap facing away from her and I just curled up. When I quieted down she said for me to roll over to face her. When I did I was right up against her belly and b******. She laughed and said Mommy's boobies were great pillows for a good cry.

She shifted me a little until I was being cradled like a baby. She stroked my hair and cheek and gently moved my face more toward her breast. It felt a little weird but comforting too.

Time went on and I found myself on her lap like that often, she’d always turn my face to her breast and she’d say big boobies were made for comfort and nuzzling- that her kids always liked Momma's big old chest. At the same time she was hugging me more often and kissing me on the forehead and I'd kiss her on her cheek. I didn't think anything other than she was being motherly and probably missing her kids.

One day my shower head stopped working and I had to take baths (not my fave) instead. It was going to be awhile for a plumber to come and I had avoided washing my hair as long as I could because I knew it would be a pain in the neck because I have waist length hair. I grumbled about it but went upstairs.

When I was in the tub, Mommy knocked and let herself in before I could say anything. The tub was filled high so I wasn't exposed but I was still surprised. She had a stack of towels and when she saw me struggling to get my hair wet, she offered to help wash my hair and I welcomed the help.

It's a big old clawfoot tub and Mommy pulled a chair over to sit behind my head. I bent back to get my hair all wet and when I arched my back, my chest came out of the water and Mommy said look at those pretty little boobies! I didn't know what to say but she was chuckling away and talking about when she was younger that hers were never that perfect. (My t*** aren't perfect- but she went on and on).

So she shampooed my hair and massaged my head then said to lean back again so she could get my shampoo out. When I leaned back my b**** popped up out of the water again and Mommy slid her hands down and held onto my t******. They were slippery from the soapy water and she acted like it was perfectly normal to jiggle them, chuckle and say things like my little princess is getting a big girl body. She was laughing and it didn’t feel sexual but it was still weird.

When she finished my hair she didn't leave. She told me to stand up so Mommy could dry me off. I did as I was told feeling like I couldn't say no. Again it wasn't sexual but she dried off every bit of me. Afterward she said she'd brush my hair but to come downstairs where she could be more comfortable.

This was the first of many times that she was helping me do more personal, intimate things. One day I came home again upset about something or other and she hugged me close, my face right against her b****** and she asked if I’d ever been comfort nursed. I didn't know what that was and she told me most babies and many young girls would stay breastfeeding even when the milk was gone just as a comfort thing. I said I didn't think I had because I wasn't breastfed. She said that was unfortunate but if I ever thought it would be comforting to just let her know I wanted to try.

One time I was curled up on her lap and she said look how naturally you turn to the breast. It's called rooting- right from birth humans seek comfort and nourishment. She asked if she should open her blouse. I don’t know why but I nodded and she pulled out one of her big b****. She directed her big nipple into my mouth and again it wasn't sexual. It came across as caring and concerned. I tried sucking and she told me to open my mouth wider so more of her breast was in my mouth and told me how to use my tongue rather than just sucking the tip. She started stroking my cheek and rocking me side to side. Mommy said it was natural to use my hand to knead her b**** and twiddle her nipple and she guided my hand to her other breast. We stayed that way for most of the evening- she even had me move to her other b*** midway. And I’m embarrassed to say it but it was weirdly comforting.

She started doing more little girly things with me like braiding my hair and telling me to twirl for her. Then she said she had a present for me and gave me a big stuffed toy rabbit. I wasn't really sure what to think but then she bought me new pjs that ended up to be silky pink and white cami tops and little shorts. The sizes were kind of big so my t****** did nip slips and the leg openings were wide enough to sometimes show my v**** if I moved around.

The next weeks brought more new things. I’d lay on the floor to watch tv and she'd join me and start tickling me. I'm really ticklish so I'd laugh but it was hard to take. She'd tickle my ribs and her fingers would dig in from my knees to my neck and they’d naturally slide over my t*** and she'd pinch at my butt cheeks and my face cheeks. Then she'd smother my face with kisses but it still didn't feel sexual. It was more childlike play.

One day a package came and she said she had more surprises for me. The package had really short lacey pastel nighties. She had me try them on and spin and I knew my private areas were exposed. She pulled out another box and told me to take off the nightie to try another surprise. This time it was several pairs of pastel panties with big ruffles on the butt. She told me to try them on. When I asked for a top, mommy laughed and said you don't wear a top with your ruffles and she had me marching around topless, shaking my t****** and wiggling my butt.

Mommy then asked me to sit on the floor in front of her and asked if I was comfortable. Hesitantly I said that I thought so and she got very serious when she said “I mean are you comfortable with our playtimes?” She added that there was “nothing wrong with it, we’re not mother and daughter, and we’re both adults. I may be old but I haven’t lost my marbles, and you don’t think I’m a bad person, right?” I emphatically said no!

She gently held my face so we were looking right at each other’s eyes and said she really wanted to be sure I was enjoying myself. That we were “just having fun, aren’t we?” When I said yes, of course, she told me to turn around so she could brush my hair. She brushed it straight down my back but then brought two thick strands to the front, twirling them around her fingers to curl them down the front of me, laying them on my b**** and running her fingers over my nipples. I’d be lying if I said they didn’t get hard.

Mommy’s fingers stopped and she jiggled my t****** and mentioned again about her little girl growing up and soon I'd need to have breast exams. So my life turned into coming home from work and, after dinner, she'd give me a bath and I would put on pjs and sometimes we’d watch tv, or I'd dance for her or we'd read or color and then the tickling would begin- but it was changing. When she tickled me my clothes would get pushed up or pulled down, exposing me as she pinched my nipples and v****. One day as I laid there exhausted from laughing she had another surprise- and for me to be sure and tell her if I didn't like it.

MommyRose slid up my nightie, spread my legs open and started licking my v*****. I'd had s** but never oral. She was squeezing my t*** and flicking my nipples. When I was c****** hard she just kept drinking. Finally she was done and said playtime was over, it was time to settle down. I put my nightie on and back in her mommy role, she had me in her lap to comfort nurse before bed.

Mommy was licking me almost daily and introduced another game called rocking horse. She'd sit on the couch, me straddling her knee while she bounced me up and down. She'd watch my t*** bouncing while I was rocking and grinding my v***** hard against her leg.

In our latest game I have to tell her when I need to tinkle or go bm. If it's tinkle she puts me in a cloth diaper. She watches me hop around, cross my legs and hold my v**** to keep from tinkling until she lets me go to the bathroom.

So I'm in my 20s and this is my life. I love MommyRose but sometimes I wonder if I should make some friends and do more than just playing make believe and dress up and having almost s** with a 70 yr old lady. I didn't even know CG/L was a thing.

Oct 29

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