Nothing seems to be on track

I have grown 30 and I still don't have career , I have lost my parents and I am the only one who is surviving...I don't have friends or social life...I keep switching my jobs from profile to profile...all I wanted is love and a little respect..and stability in career to survive...but nothing is going right health deteriorates.....I keep on running from one pillar to another...can't find mental piece...I don't find living anymore...I know people have bigger problems then me...but I have lost my strength to deal with want to call me loser...? do it I won't mind

May 11, 2018

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  • Hi babe mom off three..

  • There you are and are you all nude now?

  • Sorry babe and just my kids are. My oldest kicked youngest a few minutes ago. She is the a real handfull babe..

  • Find a chair and have your oldest sit on chair and tie her legs to chair leg for awhile until she apologizes.

  • Do you mean spread babe...

  • Yes honey.

  • Hi babe and my friend is impressed with your methods. She has said they look sweet naked babe.

  • Your son might have a erection being nude.

  • Babe he does and my oldest is sobbing sitting here. Whats wrong with me as im getting soaked looking at my son and daughters..

  • It is a natural happening do not feel ashamed by it enjoy your wetness.
    Some days later you can join in and be nude also.

  • Your so kind babe and my friend is rite. They look like i couldveat them all up..

  • Now take some cream and rub their butts to soothe their butts.

  • I will ask my friend too help out babe..

  • Hi babe..

  • How did it go with applying cream?

  • My son was little erect and oldest girl kicked my friend when she tried too put cream on her. So i lifted her up and spanked her and shes in my bed. I did my son and my friend did my youngest girl babe..

  • Let them sleep nude all of them. I am glad you spanked her again.You are doing great mom.

  • Thank you babe and my oldest bottom is so red and part off her legs..

  • Well put some more cream on her and put some on her v*****.

  • Hi babe she would not let us do it. Perhaps when shes sleeping i can put some on her babe..

  • That would be fine.

  • Hi babe in bed and going too try apply some cream into my little on now..

  • Good mom doing fine.

  • Good mom you are you might make her moan that is good.

  • She can be very vilent babe and younges teo copy her then..

  • Extra hard spanking needed .

  • Hi babe and going too bed in a few. Will try put lotion on her bottom babe..

  • She might moan a little and you might get wet in the panty unless you are nude. Sweet dreams darling.

  • Hi babe and i wish you were here too give my kids what for. I know i have only started spanking them. But they are still running all over me. My oldest girl called me a nobody and a tramp and went too attack me. Then encurraged younest two to join in. I went too grab her and smack her bottom. But she got away from me and slammed kitchen door and then front door. Causeing one off glass panels too smash. She is gone and not a sign off her. My hearts broken and i hope she will be ok. My youngest two are after locking themselves into my sons room and are refuseing too come out and filth out off their mouths is totaly unacceptable babe. My hearts broken with them..

  • Did you keep them nude or did they have pajamas on? I tell many parents to keep their children nude so that they will not run.Another thing is to remove all locks on bedroom doors and bathroom door.So they can not lock them selves in . In our house all doors stay open the only locks we have are on the outside doors, I know you are worried give her some time.I would love to be there holding you in my arms and wiping the tears from your face and tell you it will be good.We love you.

  • Hi babe and my oldest daughtet got herself dressed this morning. Youngest two have pjs on still and wont open door. Your a descent and kind person and thanks babe..

  • Sometime today you need to remove those locks. Start having your kids sleep nude also.

  • Hi babe i cut myself clearing up glass and youngest two still refuse too come out. Im going too get cleaned up babe and go look for my oldest daughter. She wont be sitting comfortable for next day or two babe as will my youngest..

  • Some one staying with your other two children?

  • Yes babe my friend. Im so upset at moment and youngest two still wont leave my sons room. Their bums will be so sorry as for my eldest. I would be tempted to smack her bum on the spot when i find her and again at home babe..

  • Yes spank her on the spot no matter who is watching.

  • You beleave i should do that babe..

  • Yes I do often that brings embarrassing results to the child.

  • Hi babe i have her and im boiling..

  • Take her clothes and this time spank her v***** also.

  • It was raining babe and she ran accrosse two lanes off traffic when she spotted me. I pulled her skirt up and smacked the bum off her and she struggled and balled her eyes out. Shes in her room and i intent too bath her and give her a spanking she wont soon forget. Do you me spank her v***** babe.

  • Yes I do. Not as hard as on butt.

  • Hi babe and that was not easy. My two youngest got a spanking. But my oldest girl got a proper and sore bum. She was kicking and screaming and eventualy fell asslep on my lap babe after holding her..

  • You are wonderful mom.

  • Thanks babe and something is going on. I tryed too send this twice before and would not go through babe. I hope i was not too harsh..

  • You are awesome.

  • You have me crying babe and my friend says hi. We are jealous off your wife. She must be truely amazing babe. We bought send yous our love..

  • Aww I could kiss you both all over.

  • Hi babe are you there..

  • Hello honey how are you doing?

  • Hi babe im not too good..

  • You are not feeling well?

  • Hi babe and my kids are running wilde.

  • Are they all nude right now they should be

  • Hi babe and how are you..

  • I am doing fine sitting here all nude best way to be letting the air on my skin. How about you?

  • Hi babe im struggleing with kids..

  • What are you up against?

  • Hi babe and they are actinh up something awfull..

  • Tell them they must give you their clothes they have on to you now. Did you get the locks off all inside doors?

  • Hi babe and never got locks off yet. I should strip and and spank them babe for how they are behaving.

  • Keep their clothes no clothes until the next day. All in the same room.

  • Hi babe and i have just smacked the a*** off each off them and their nude babe..

  • Really shock them and get nude yourself.

  • Hi babe and have them in bed. My son keeps getting out off bed..

  • Have him sleep in your bed with you nude of course.

  • He is erect here babe and looks so cute..

  • Tell him he can play with it that it is OK with you.

  • Babe he is so small and looke so cute..

  • Let him try. Maybe kiss the tip a little.

  • Hi babe and im stroke it a little for him..

  • Did you kiss it?

  • Hope you are nude right? Give him a view. Hope you sleep well. Sweet dreams you are doing great mom.

  • Did you sleep well with your son?

  • Sorry are you there babe..

  • Hello sweetheart.

  • Hi babe and i wish you were here too take them in had rite now..

  • Take their clothes off now.

  • I just think a spanking from a father or father figure would make more off an impression on them babe..

  • Tell them clothes off now and I will spank them front and back.

  • Its what they deserve babe. My friends husband will be over later. I would be so tempted to get him too spank them babe..

  • Let him spank them all in same room all nude. Have him help you remove door locks on bedroom doors and bathroom.

  • Im truely thinking off doing it babe..

  • Good for you mom. You are awesome I could kiss you all over.

  • Sounds nice babe.

  • Go bra less and panty less today.

  • I will do that now babe..

  • Awesome are you wearing a dress? Or baggy shorts? Or skirt?

  • A sundress babe..

  • Oh wow you look beautiful you are giving me a hard one.

  • Wish i could take care off it for you babe..

  • How would you take care of it?

  • Anyway you like babe

  • Oh wow how about you sliding down on top. I am nude all the time.

  • Im all yours babe..

  • I can feel you sliding down it is awesome and you are so hot and wet.

  • Your so big babe and im soaked here..

  • You are soaking my pubic hair so nice though. You are so hot.

  • Im loveing you babe..

  • Love you so much here it comes.

  • Hi babe and kids were so rude earlier..

  • I just got back from birthday party, I see it is time for goodnight kiss.

  • How did your male friend do with your kids spankings? Did he help you get locks off doors?

  • Hi babe and a bad morning here..

  • Bad morning how so?

  • I just came babe and thank you..

  • I will babe and she allmost got herself killed or seriously injured babe. I would have died if she wasbstruck by a car. I need too make an impression on her. Thank you babe..

  • Heading out door babe and i will do it. Thank you babe..

  • Your not a loser

  • Thank you

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