My rules

I have these rules about how people should treat me kinda like I don’t want people to touch me unless I touch them first (hugs etc). No one can EVER touch my neck. People can’t come in my room or any room I’m in alone loudly. People can’t jump scare me. Everyone sees these as silly little things that bother me but when someone does any of these it can ruin my day, my week, it can put me in a state or paranoia for weeks, I get nightmares and I can’t sleep just bc someone tried to banter with me and scare me. Am I being over the top and obnoxious to ask people to more sensitive to me ? Looking for genuine advice here, I feel like a burden to my family and friends for asking them to do this

Mar 26, 2021

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  • This is just one perfect example of how the so-called "woke" have taken a good idea and turned it into a mental illness.

    Yes, you should have personal groundrules and boundaries. The part people like you always "forget" is that the other person has those rights too, and finding a way to respect BOTH parties is what relationships are all about.

    But that never happens. It's all about *MY* needs, *MY* boundaries, *MY* rules, ME ME ME. And if someone happens to not know about them and "violates" them, that's almost as "traumatic" as someone asserting boundaries/etc. of their own that YOU don't like.

    See Also: "My pronouns are xe/zhir/fjlakjrle and EVERYONE I ENCOUNTER EVER HAD BETTER HONOR THEM TO MY SATISFACTION. Until I 'feel' differently of course!"

    The world will not conform to your every weird-brained whim the way your mommy did when you were small. Get used to it or get off the planet.

  • Even though most people don't have to deal with those issues, your friends and family should be able to respect those boundaries. It would definitely be hard to make new people respect or understand your boundaries at first but just stay open and honest with the people who are important to you

  • Sorry this may sound harsh but these are your issues and its unrealistic to expect others to automatically accommodate your feelings. Get a grip

  • Oh my gosh snowflake How do you know that people want you to touch them first? Got get therapy!

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