My boyfriend is a necrophiliac!

Well not a real one like he doesn't do it to actual corpses. But I mean when we started going out I knew it would be weird, he was always dark, not like a goth, with makeup and leather and gothy techno, but who straight-up sits in a dark room lit by candles reading an old book listening to spooky organ music? unironically?
He's a rich kid who has this big weird house and weird family and always kind of loner. He says he had childhood trauma and that's why he likes things to be quiet. So when we started doing it he liked me to be...quiet. He would touch me for I swear hours and want me to be still and then do it and he'd pant and breath SO hard.
His house is like a big funeral home and smells like a funeral with all the flowers. For his birthday I went all out and did my hair and put on this vintage funeral dress he'd collected and lay out like a wake and he went absolutely nuts. He talks a lot about funerals and death and the girls that made fun of him so when my parents were gone I did myself up like a murdered cheerleader and he ravished me. I just lay there with one eye sort of open and my tongue sorta sticking out!
So is this super sick? I'm 17 and he's 26 and when I graduate high school he wants me to move in with him to his family's country estate which full-on looks like a big haunted funeral home.
BTW he can do it "normal," we have totally loving s** at least 1/3 of the time. He just really wants to pound away at my lifeless body!

Mar 30, 2021

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  • It doesn't matter what his kinks are, the issue here is the age. You are a minor. He is an adult man. That's technically pedophilia, please don't move in with him he's a predator. No normal adult man would be into a high schooler. I know it seems fine but it really isn't. Please be safe

  • Depends where you are. In the UK legal age is 16 so if you are in the UK it's fine. Now if the man was in his 40's I would question it.

  • I know of only three true necropheliacs. One worked in a Morgue and he'd get high on crack and when he was alone with a corpse he would have s** with it. A homeless man came upon a girl who had recently been raped and strangled and left in an alley. The homeless man had s** with the dead girl. A male hospital worker was found having s** with a recently deceased old woman who had died in the hospital.

    All three were caught and charged with necrophelia and defiling a corpse.

  • I guess the real question is whether you like it or are at least cool with it.

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